Sampson works alongside Joey Ramp every day while she works in a lab. The catch? Sampson is a service dog. According to PEOPLE, Sampson has been trained to be a laboratory assistant for Ramp, and the dog even wears his own PPE!

Ramp, who suffered traumatic head injuries following a horse-riding incident, is now a neuroscientist at a University of Illinois chemistry lab. Sampson is alongside her as she works and is also trained to spot signs and react to Ramp’s PTSD. “If I drop something in the lab, he’ll come to my side, and I can use him as a brace to kneel down and pick up what I need,” shared Ramp.


Source: SWNS/YouTube

She told SWNS, “I couldn’t possibly navigate academics or a neuroscience program without his assistance. There’s more focus on the dog than the service they are providing, and they were barring an entire population of students from entering lab work and ultimately the STEM field.”

Ramp hopes Sampson helps the public get used to seeing service dogs in labs.

“I really want people to start understanding that service dogs have a very high level of training,” she said. “They provide independence and keep their handler healthy, happy, and able to go about life in ways they wouldn’t be able to do without their service dog.”


“People with disabilities do want to study science and to look at people with disabilities and service dog handlers with a view of making things more accessible to them is really important and it’s time,” Ramp shared.

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