Living through a pandemic is scary and stressful for everyone even those stuck at home. But without a doubt, there are some members of society that are dealing with a lot more and need a bit more comfort than the rest of us. That includes essential workers who keep the world going and the healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines. There’s something that can always make people feel better — dogs! A service dog-in-training named Wynn is doing the amazing job of spreading love and hope to healthcare workers in need of some joy.

Wynn is being raised by Dr. Susan Ryan of Colorado who volunteers through the Canine Companions for Independence Program that raises and trains puppies to be service dogs for people with disabilities. Wynn often went to work with Dr. Ryan and with the pandemic taking the world by storm and turning hospitals upside down, Wynn’s presence has become a much needed comfort to Dr. Ryan and her colleagues.

As Dr. Ryan shared with The Dogist, Wynn is all set up in the social workers’ inner office so that patients do not touch her. Hospital staff are able to wash their hands to receive some comfort from Wynn and spend some time with her. She says: “She has saved us because we are very stressed and anxious. Sometimes too busy to be scared.”

After Wynn’s story blew up, she was even awarded with Pet of the Week by Good Morning America. Her hard work is being appreciated, although being a loving, calming presence comes natural to dogs. Dr. Ryan has also shared this sweet wonderful message to Wynn online: “Peace in my soul because of you Wynn.”

It’s amazing how much comfort we can receive from animals. During hard times, we are especially able to be grateful for what they can give us. The healthcare workers at Rose Medical Center must be happy to have such a light in the midst of all this dark.

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