The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we view the world. We’ve faced other catastrophes in which first responders had to be experts in certain difficult fields to save lives. But the pandemic is proving that essential workers aren’t those with the highest salaries or the job that appears to be the most difficult. First responders aren’t just doctors and nurses. Grocery store workers, pharmacy employees, warehouse workers, delivery people, and hospital staff are absolutely essential to keeping the fabric of society intact, and their job is proving to be harder than most as they continue to bravely keep the world moving while most of us stay home.

They are putting their lives at risk. Some workers might have no choice but to continue working for their livelihood, and some decided to enter the field because it’s about saving lives. Either way, they deserve more than just the risk of a deadly virus.


Hospital staff workers are already working without the necessary protective equipment and grocery store workers are already dealing with abuse.

As this petition explains: “Additionally, doctors, nurses, hospital technicians, and hospital environmental workers are knowingly risking exposure to this deadly virus every single day in order to save lives and keep hospitals clean and running. Many stories are coming from the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, describing doctors, nurses, and other personnel quarantining away from their families and loved ones so as not to risk spreading the disease further. Hazard pay would cover these accommodations that these heroes are currently taking upon themselves.”

The administration is concerned for the stock market and businesses when we should be taking care of those who are taking care of us during these difficult times. Sign this petition to tell Trump and his administration to get their priorities straight – hazard pay for all pandemic first responders!

Make sure to also sign these important petitions during these difficult times:


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