The illegal wildlife trade is driving animal species to extinction. Along with climate change, it’s one of the largest contributors to the overwhelming and terrifying number of one million species at risk of extinction. One-fifth of vertebrates that live on land are bought and sold in the wildlife trade. Wildlife trafficking dooms animals to lives in captivity like dolphins and whales sent to cruel marine parks like SeaWorld, but some animals are sent straight to their deaths.

Animals like lions, tigers, chimpanzees, gorillas, and more are killed for their flesh and bones which is used in traditional medicine in some cultures. Or worse, they’re killed for souvenirs and trinkets.


The Rescuing Animals With Rewards (RAWR) Act, if passed into law, can help better regulate illegal wildlife trade. It “modifies the Department of State rewards program to authorize rewards to individuals who furnish information that assists in the prevention or identification of crimes related to wildlife trafficking.”

The bill was passed by the House in 2019, but not by the Senate. Unfortunately, this means it would have to be reintroduced by the House and Senate in order to be made into law in 2020. The RAWR Act is the kind of strong legislation needed to protect animals from the wildlife trade and therefore save many species from extinction.

Sign this petition telling Congress you support the RAWR Act!

Sign these other petitions to support more important legislation that could protect and save animals:


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