Dog abandonment stories are heartbreaking. The poor pup has no idea what’s going on and sometimes still hopes that one day, their owners will return. Sometimes people can no longer take care of their pets and while it is sad, it’s bound to happen. It takes courage to admit that you can no longer provide your animal with the love or care that they deserve and to surrender them to a reputable shelter. However, there are some people that for whatever reason, abandon their pet without even trying to give them a chance at finding a loving home.

Source: KGW News/Youtube


Recently, a poor senior yellow lab named Henry was abandoned by his owner near the woods. The owner took henry out of the car, undid his leash, walked him towards the woods, and then sprinted back to the car, leaving him behind. Fortunately, a nearby homeowner had cameras installed that caught the incident on video surveillance. The homeowners saw their surveillance footage of the incident and took in the dog until a rescue group arrived to take him in.

There are so many organizations that are willing to take in dogs if one does not have the means, time, or desire to keep their pet anymore. However, this owner just decided to abandon her sweet pup without any regard for what might happen to him afterward. Authorities found the owner, Maria Bruce, but because she signed a statement admitting to what she did, Bruce escaped criminal charges. That means that in just two years, she can own another dog again.

Sign this petition to demand that Maria Bruce be charged with animal abandonment, and never be allowed to own a dog again.

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:


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