Researchers are asking people to not rake their leaves because they might be helping out the bumblebee populations.

University of Minnesota researchers have been working hand in hand with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to decide if the bumblebee is to be declared endangered in Minnesota.

Through much research, they have learned that the bumblebee populations might be helped by keeping a less tidy yard.

Researcher Dr. Elaine Evans said, “The entire population of next year’s bumblebees are dependent on those queens surviving the winter, and they need that insulating layer of leaves. They’ll be there just under the leaves or just a couple of inches down. So if there are messy corners in your yard where you can leave those are good.”

As much as we might like to keep our yards clean and tidy, those fallen leaves just might help the fragile bumblebee population survive the cold winter ahead.

The researchers also suggest not trimming perennial plants, as their stems might also help to protect the bees this winter by giving them another place to go to stay away from the elements.

Bumblebees are deeply connected to nature and how everything works. This is why it is so important that we protect this species and do our part to help them survive and reproduce.

Sign this petition and ask the United States to get serious about protecting the bees and start creating bee stops!

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