Polar bears are one of the most affected animals by climate change. They rely on arctic ice to survive and most of us don’t directly notice how much the sea ice is melting everyday, polar bears’ everyday lives are affected dramatically by it. To hunt for food, polar bears need to roam the large sheets of ice, but climate change is happening so fast that “the ice sheets are melting at the rate of 8.6 million acres per year.” A few months ago, polar bears were even invading Russian towns in search of food. That’s why nature photographer, Paal Uglefisk is using his work to raise awareness!

Recently, a photo of his called Walking on Ice has won the AGORA #Reflections 2019 Hero award! The photo was taken in the Svalbard Islands and shows a polar bear walking on ice that is melting, making the bear almost appear as if he’s also walking on water. Ulgefisk wants people to see an endangered animal in his disappearing natural element. AGORA tells us that hopes his “work will help people to become aware of emergency to preserve our landscapes and species.”


As Ulgefisk says in the video above, he has seen the true plight of polar bears as a result of climate change. What he’s seen and what they’re going through might finally be enough to convince people to act regarding climate change. The melting sea ice leaves them without food and they are dying of starvation.

One of the biggest ways you can help fight climate change is by changing the way we eat. Plant-based eating is much more environmentally friendly since animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change. You can also sign this petition which asks the government to do more to end our addiction to fossil fuels and fight climate change!

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