When people hear about rescued animals living in someone’s home, they usually think of dogs, cats, and even some smaller farm animals. Well, this professional wildlife rehabilitator, Brigette, decided to take in a beaver! Second Chances Wildlife Center took in the orphan beaver when he was only a baby. He was too tiny to go to their center, so Brigette brought him into her home.

JB, short for his full name, Justin Beaver, settled right in! Brigette made sure he swam in the bathtub five times a day and gave him lots of attention. She also found out that he loved eating sweet potatoes and cuddling blankets. Even though he was living in a house, his beaver instincts kicked in. Justin Beaver caused quite a bit of damage around the home – chewing through dry wall and molding, but Brigette didn’t love him any less for it. Justin Beaver also became quite the thief! He loved taking items from around the home to build dams.

Brigette raised money to build Justin Beaver his own personal pond outside so that he could live a more natural habitat. Check out the video of Justin Beaver visiting his new home for the first time here!

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