In the past few decades, rhino poaching has increased exponentially. Targeted for their horns, which are used in Traditional Medicine or to make other trophies or trinkets, many rhino species are struggling on the brink of extinction. While this is incredibly tragic, the good news is that there are many organizations devoted to protecting this species.

The little rhino featured in this video is in the care of the Rhino Orphanage, a sanctuary that works to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned babies. Seeing the way he prances around his home like a happy puppy is sure to bring a smile to your face. But more than that, this sweet video gives us hope for the future of the rhino population.

The Rhino Orphanage aims to release all of their charges back to the wild once they are big and strong enough. From the looks of him, we have a feeling that this rhino will be ready to take on the world in no time – hopefully, by then, he’ll grow into his feet!

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