Time for another adorable animal rescue story! You can never get enough of these kinds of videos. They are the perfect way to start, end, and get through the day (basically if you need a little something to boost your spirits, these videos are perfect!)

Foxes are such sweet animals and there are so many amazing stories about the ones that people rescue, like a fox that thought she was a dog and Pudding, the friendly and photogenic fox. This video is yet another example of a fox being the cutest thing you’ve seen all day!

The video begins with a baby fox walking around the woods and when they start shaking, the fox’s caretaker scoops them up and wraps them in a cozy scarf to make the cutest little bundle you’ve ever seen. Then you get to see the fox eating (and making a mess in the process!) Then, it’s bathtime! The little fox was covered in bugs and needed some help getting all cleaned up. The adorable montage continues with the fox growing up and getting even more attached to their rescuer. The fox seems to love getting cuddles, pets, and attention from their human friend. The little fox even has a dog best friend to play with!

It’s so hard to imagine how people could want to hunt or wear the pelt of a sweet animal like this. Sign this petition to Ban the Snaring of Foxes in the UK for Fur!

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