Two months ago, we shared sad, heartbreaking photos and information about the conditions at Maesa Elephant Camp in Thailand. We even shared a petition that aimed to free the elephants from their chains all day. Thanks to many people speaking up for the elephants, the camp has decided to make improvements to improve their conditions. As seen in the video above, elephants were released from their chains and allowed to roam and play freely for the first time in a long time.

Executive officer Anchalee Kalamaphichit said, “The centre has been criticised for a long time about how we chain the animals in here, so we decided to free them. However, living freely is a new thing to these elephants. They need time to adapt into their new way of living so we chose to start with the eldest and friendliest of the elephants. We are glad that they appeared to be happier living without chains and their mahouts, so hopefully we can free the rest of them soon.”

It’s important to listen to people’s concerns over the welfare of the animals. Seeing how happy the elephants were means that all the elephants will soon be released from their shackles, not just the oldest and the friendliest.

Moving Animals who exposed the camp last year responded to the positive video above saying: “It’s incredible to see these elephants living freely without their chains. With over 70 captive elephants, Maesa Elephant Camp is the biggest camp in Northern Thailand. Their compassionate decision sends a powerful message to the elephant tourism industry and sets a clear precedent for change.”

It is indeed a step in the right direction and shows the world that elephants deserve to be free, not in captivity. It’s no way for them to live. Just recently, photos and videos showed the elephants at the camp depressed and suffering psychologically. Now look at them!

There is still more work to be done to save all captive elephants though. To speak up for them, sign this petition by Save The Asian Elephants (STAE) aiming to end the cruel treatment of elephants in captivity.

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