New reporting from Metro UK shows footage of a baby elephant chained to a pole. British traveler Ross Martin shared the story of the elephant.

Meena, the elephant, was allegedly being forced to beg for money from tourists and was left alone by her owners at night. He said he also saw Meena’s owners use a bullhook to corral and hit her. Martin found her bobbing her head, a sign that wildlife experts say indicates mental stress.


Martin said of finding Meena, “I found her down a dirt track alone and quite clearly distressed, her head bobbing constantly. All four feet were chained together so she was unable to move, stretch her legs or lie down. As far as I can see she has no access to fresh water or food and is completely on her own. As elephants are highly social animals, this can only be causing her anguish. To think that she’s only young and this is how she spends her life is pretty heartbreaking.”

Animal charity Thailand Elephants is helping spread the word about Meena. See photos, below:

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!IMPORTANT! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our charity was contacted the other day by @rossmartinfitness who has recently returned from Phuket. Ross teaches Thai kick- boxing and has been going to Thailand since December of 2017 regularly. 🐘 When Ross first visited in 2017, he saw a tiny baby elephant chained up on a busy street. This baby ele had a sign around his neck offering tourists the opportunity to feed him for 150 baht. Ross took a photo with the baby to show how small he was then (1st picture). 🐘 Fast forward to March, December of 2018, and then recently Ross has returned to Thailand and seen this same ele in the EXACT same place, in the EXACT same conditions. Can you imagine leading this same life? 🐘 Conditions kept in: The baby ele is kept in a make-shift shack down a dirt road with no access to water or food. 🐘 All four legs are chained so tightly together that he cannot even stretch his legs. 🐘 He is completely isolated and alone and shows clear signs of distress (Second picture, constantly head bobbing – video taken just last month around 11pm by Ross on his last visit) 🐘 During the day he is led by what seems to be one owner down the road to sell pictures and bananas to tourists. His owner leads him with a bullhook (A hook which is attached to a 60–90 cm handle) which Ross witnessed the owner beating him with in 2017. The baby ele holds onto the hook so the owner can lead him everyday to where he begs. 🐘 He is also chained up whilst on the side of the road (3rd Picture) 🐘 Ross has started a petition and we need YOUR help to get this baby out of these horrendous conditions. Please share, share, share! We are posting a link to our bio and also right here: . . . . #babyelephants #petition #socialactivist #savetheelephants #asianelephant #help #signthepetition #endangeredspecies #elephant #thailand #thailandtravel #travelthailand #phuket #bangkok

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You can sign this petition to help save Meena!



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