Word must be getting around – even to the dogs themselves – about the incredible work by Hope for Paws. After a local called the rescue team about a dog abandoned in the park, it almost seemed like the dog was waiting for them to get there. When Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz arrived at the location, the shepherd mix was happy to greet them … especially since Lisa had snacks in tow! Upon a closer look, they could see the dog was emaciated and covered in fleas. Lisa hooked the lucky leash on his collar, and they headed out to the hospital. On the way, however, another call came in about another dog in need.

The second dog, who appeared to be a Bull Terrier, was found hiding behind an old mattress in an alleyway. This poor girl was so hungry she came right out, allowing Lisa to loop the lucky leash around her neck. On this double freedom ride, the shepherd mix was named Dublin, and the Terrier was given the name China. Both dogs received a much-needed spa treatment and check-up before continuing to foster homes.


While China was discovered to be deaf, she is enjoying her new life and is ready for a forever family to share it with. If you’re interested in adopting this precious girl, contact L.A. Animal Rescue here. Dublin is with Wags and Walks and is the happiest, silliest boy. How could anyone have abandoned such a sweetheart? Please share this video with your network so we can get both of these dogs the safe, loving, forever homes they deserve.

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