Another victory for the Hope for Paws lucky leash! When the wonderful team at Hope for Paws was alerted about a senior dog roaming the streets, Lisa Arturo and Joann Wiltz grabbed a lucky leash and were on their way. The sweet old boy was reportedly abandoned after his family moved away and left him. The neighbors that had been feeding him (for over a year!), pointed them to his usual location.

Once Lisa and Joann arrived on the scene, they first tried using food to lure him into a kennel trap. Of course, he was way too smart for that! With patience, kindness, and food, no doubt, Lisa was able to earn his trust and place the lucky leash around him. The team headed back to Hope for Paws with adorable Pumba in tow.

Pumba was quick to receive the newfound affection and care that surrounded him! He continued to do so in his foster and forever home!

Please remember that adopting a dog is a serious commitment and that senior dogs also make fabulous pets. They are chill, loyal, and oftentimes are already housetrained and socialized. If you or someone you know are considering adopting a pet don’t count senior dogs out!

To learn more about Hope for Paws or make a donation click here.

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