Coronavirus has been spreading rampantly and causing fear and panic amongst people terrified of the disease spreading further. It’s been linked to the wildlife trade and believed to have originated from the consumption of wild animals. Exotic meats like beaver, raccoon, and snake contain deadly bacteria and pathogens like coronavirus. China has acted and temporarily banned the wildlife trade, but fear is causing them to treat domestic animals terribly. Chinese citizens have already been ordered to dispose of their pets despite their being no connection between pets and the coronavirus outbreak, but corpses line the streets.

The World Health Organization has claimed clearly that there is no evidence that dogs and cats can get coronavirus, but life still continues getting harder for these animals in China. In broad daylight, a group of Chinese community officers were seen beating stray dogs to death.


Video (that can be seen on Daily Mail) shows one dog being repeatedly beaten with a huge wooden club. This all took place outside of a complex where residents had been told that no pets would be allowed outside. Allegedly the officers said: “As long as [we] see a dog in the complex, no matter if it is on the lead or not, we will beat it to death.”

Nanchong Stray Animal Rescue was outraged and said: “At the crucial point of fighting the epidemic, the management office and community officers should have disinfected the neighbourhood, recorded information of visitors, supervised suspected patients under quarantine, or even given care to the psychological stress and trauma residents got from the epidemic. But instead, [they] ignored citizens’s love and appeal for animals and killed lives at will without giving notice or seeking permission.”

The two dogs who were killed were apparently healthy and obedient and were fed just an hour before the tragic incident by residents of the complex, yet the workers claim that the dogs had bitten residents and caused panic. No animal deserves to be treated this way. Sign this petition calling for an end to killing of stray animals and pets over fear of coronavirus!

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