These are rough times we’re all facing. There is a pandemic sweeping the world, making thousands sick and claiming thousands of lives. Essential workers are still going to work and healthcare workers are risking their health and lives to get us all through this. But most of us are just staying home as much as possible to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, some people are lonely or feeling down so they could use some company. And shelter animals, who are in need of more help than ever, can provide just that.

Many shelters and rescue organizations are asking people to open up their homes to shelter animals during this time. They’ve had to cancel adoption events and volunteers can’t really come in to work. Scary times also cause more people to give up their pets than ever. There’s a real fear that euthanasia rates can increase during this time.  But not if many people foster or adopt a shelter animal. Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski recently decided to foster a dog during the pandemic and he encouraged others to do the same.


And he isn’t the only one. The Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio was nearly cleared out thanks to the amazing families who recently decided to foster and adopt pets! They ran a “name your price” event and said that 40 animals were available. Over 4 days the shelter was cleared with the exception of 3 dogs still available in their Dog Adoption wing, and 5 dogs being housed in their Stray Dogs wing waiting on owners to claim them.

As the shelter wrote: “This not only lessens the burden on our staff and volunteers, but more importantly it ensures those animals will not have to endure the majority of their days alone in the shelter should we be forced to close down.” This is an amazing example of what happens when people come together in times of crisis, not just for themselves but for other species as well.

It’s amazing that all these people thought of helping the animals and giving them a safe home during these uncertain times. They won’t regret it, especially since they’ll be in great company.


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