Animal rights activists in Malaysia are trying to track down whoever’s responsible for painting a stray dog to look like a tiger.

“Help Animal Malaysia identify the location and who this animal belongs to,” Malaysia Animal Association posted on its social media platforms.


The organization is offering a reward for information leading to whoever is responsible for painting the stray dog orange and black.

Facebook commenters noted how the dog looked “sad” and may need to have “its coat shaved to get rid of all the chemicals.”

Although the type of paint or dye that was used is unknown, using paints on dogs can irritate their skin and mucous membranes according to VCA Hospitals. Ingesting or inhaling paints can cause considerable harm to animals. Furthermore, even if the dye is non-toxic, dyeing a dog’s fur is very unnatural. Forcing a dog to be still for hours, while applying and washing dyes can be very stressful for animals. The dyes can also change the smell of the dog’s fur and interfere with how other animals or people treat them, which can increase psychological distress.


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