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Leslie Burgreen Waldrep, receives a lot of attention for dyeing her dogs with elaborate designs and images. These range from tropical birds, to famous cartoon dogs, to arctic scenes. While her designs are amazing and she is obviously very talented, her actions have raised concerns among many dog lovers and animal advocates.

She claims to use non-toxic and vegan dye, however, dyeing a dog’s fur is still very unnatural. Forcing a dog to be still for hours, while applying and washing dyes can be very stressful for animals. The dyes can also change the smell of the dog’s fur and interfere with how other animals or people treat them, which can increase psychological distress.

Source: Good Morning America/Youtube

No one has any way of knowing that the dye and dyeing process does not disturb Waldrep’s dogs. However, even if it doesn’t her actions may influence other people’s decisions to dye their own dogs. These people might not only cause emotional distress to their animals, but if they do not do research, they could cause extreme physical harm to their pets. Regular hair dye is toxic to animals and has caused life-threatening burns on dogs in the past.

violet dog burn

Source: Pinellas County Animal Services

Animal advocates are also concerned about “creative grooming” because it leads to people viewing dogs as accessories rather than animals. Thus, people begin to prioritize aesthetics over their dog’s well-being and comfort. Grooming is supposed to be about a dog’s comfort and needs – not whatever their owner thinks will “look cool,” even if that look will be harmful towards their pup.

Dogs aren’t humans and they aren’t accessories either. Dogs cannot consent to these unnecessary alterations to their natural states. So, be kind to your furry friends and let them be.

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