6 Reasons to Eat Less Bacon

Image Source: geir tønnessen/Flickr

Many religions tell you not to eat pork, and maybe they were on to something.  That being said, people absolutely love their pork products.  Pork is the most consumed meat in the world and bacon is one of the most beloved cuts of meat out there.  Most people know that processed meat like bacon and sausage aren’t good for you, but there is now evidence to support that it is probably best if all pork products are avoided.  Here are 6 reasons to eat less bacon (and all other pork products).

1.  Not So Clean

pig in mud

In 2012, a Consumer Report study found that 69% of pork was contaminated with Yersinia enterocolitica, a bacteria that causes fever and gastrointestinal infections.  Most of this meat was also tainted with salmonella staphylococcus, and some of these bacteria were found to be resistant to antibiotics.  Even more alarming, 20% of pork products tested were found to contain the controversial drug Ractopamine, which is banned in many places, including Europe and China, and is used to help the pigs grow more quickly while keeping them lean.