There’s a reason animal activists and most animal lovers encourage others to adopt and not shop. It’s because most of the puppies in pet shops or online stores are bred in cruel, abusive, horrifying breeding mills. They are irresponsibly bred with no regard for their health or wellbeing. During the lockdowns due to the pandemic, breeders slowed the sale of dogs, but now that places are reopening, there are already sales going on again.

Just recently, the Scottish SPCA seized 13 dogs from an illegal online dealer.

They are using this time to educate people on why they shouldn’t buy puppies that are being sold for profit. The intentions are already not good if these animals are being born and sold just for someone to make money. While we encourage everyone to adopt, not everyone will do so. Therefore, they gave the great advice that if you do decide to go to a breeder, at least meet the dog’s mom. If that’s not allowed, then you know what conditions the dogs are living in.

Scottish SPCA Chief superintendent Mike Flynn says: “We cannot stress this enough: the supply for badly-bred puppies will only disappear if public demand stops. Every year, thousands of pups are dying alone and in pain, at just days or weeks old, to fuel the trade. We will continue to fight the puppy trade every step of the way, but we need each and every person to do their bit to help us stop it.”

Check out their Say No To Puppy Dealers website to sign the pledge and learn how to spot an illegal puppy dealer.

You can also take action against puppy mills in the United States by signing this petition!

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