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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that the air we breathe inside may be more polluted than what’s outside. How is this possible, you ask? Often the materials used to build our homes and the products we kept in them can be to blame. For instance, indoor carpet installation can yield exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which in high concentrations can be harmful to our health. Moreover, some pressed wood products, from tables to paneling, contain urea-formaldehyde as a resin, which the EPA has estimated as being the largest source of indoor formaldehyde emissions.

Thankfully, there are tons of eco-friendly building and furniture options to choose from now. We can take our pick of eco-friendly paints, flooring, doors, tables and chairs and even construct our houses in entirely sustainable manners.

Our pets can also benefit from this welcomed rise in sustainable building and design. We’ve already got your pet covered in the eco-friendly grooming, toys and accessories departments, and now we’ve searched the net to bring you a selection of eco-friendly houses and hangouts.

What follows are 10 pet-friendly and earth-healthy homes and lounges for your furry friends.

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