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5 Cleanest Sources of Plant-Based Calcium (No Milk Needed)!


The fifth most abundant element on the Earth’s crust, calcium, is known to chemists as, Ca, atomic number 20. The body recognizes it as a structurally and metabolically significant mineral, depositing it in the teeth and bones and utilizing it for muscle contraction, heart-beat, and blood clotting. Clean calcium absolutely does not have to come from milk — it can be sourced easily from plants not treated with pesticides or grown in tainted soil. All of these foods below are clean if you buy them organic. Scope out your local grocery store for all of these calcium-filled foods in the organic section! Here are some of the cleanest plant-based sources of calcium – no milk necessary!

1. Broccoli

One cup of cooked broccoli provides 45-62 milligrams of calcium with an absorption rate of 50-60 percent. The absorption rate is not 100 percent because of the vegetable’s oxalate concentration which blocks or reduces some of the mineral’s absorption. Don’t fret, though! Bake up some broccoli burgers and you’ll still get a decent amount of calcium.

2Collard Greens

One cup of cooked collard greens contains 266 milligrams of calcium, but these dark leafy greens also contain oxalate. Despite this, peer-reviewed research studies have shown the ability of this compound to lower Ca absorption is relatively minute and should not sway people away from eating collards and broccoli. So, get fancy and make collard wraps!

3. White Beans and Navy Beans

White beans have 161 mg of calcium per cup; navy beans, 126 mg. However, the absorption rate for beans is substantially lower than broccoli, which means at 17 percent, for white beans, 38 mg are actually absorbed. Still, don’t give up beans! They are a great source of protein and calcium, so whip up this soup, or stick ‘em in these veggie burgers.

4. Dried Figs

A mere serving of 10 dried figs delivers 140-269 mg of calcium. Whether you like to pop these sweet fruits straight into your mouth or in some oatmeal, you’re guaranteed to get 10-20 percent of your daily calcium requirement.

5.  Butternut Squash

Baked butternut squash dishes out 84 mg of calcium per cup. That’s a good amount for a starchy orange vegetable, if I do say so myself! Try it in a pilaf or in a casserole. Your dinner will be jam-packed with calcium.

Don’t fall prey to the assumption that dairy consumption is necessary for adequate amounts of calcium. Aim for 1000 milligrams of calcium a day to ensure a sufficient amount of this nutrient. Calcium can readily be found in plant-based sources, like these five, and other fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. Research for yourself your favorite plant foods and see just how rich in calcium they truly are!

Image Source: Raw Cream of Broccoli Soup

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19 comments on “5 Cleanest Sources of Plant-Based Calcium (No Milk Needed)!”

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Amanda Matula
4 Years Ago

Seeing all of the new milk commercials makes me sad for the general public. People wonder why osteoporosis is a big issue as people are who have consumed dairy all of their lives? Not only that, but the nasty pus and other gross element of milk, the poor calves separated from their mothers so people can have milk, and the vicious life dairy cows go through until they are spent :(

Anne Chuprevich
4 Years Ago

i need sources for Vitamin D. turns out i am really deficient which could been the basis for some of my current symptoms.

Amy Catherine
4 Years Ago

Sonja T. Ebron-Santos

Zena Braithwaite
4 Years Ago

Thank goodness soya milk has added calcium because i'd be too busy muching my way through broccoli to go to work as you need 8-10 portions of these foods at my reckoning and I'd spend my spare time on the loo with all the fibre !!!

Benjamin Lawrence
4 Years Ago

Tom Addis

Lila Bett
4 Years Ago

I would share this were it not for all the stupid pop-up ads that are covering half the page????? This is insane.

Bill Stuever
4 Years Ago

So I can't wait to have a nice cool glass of milk that has also sustained mankind for how long now? Plus I will also have the above veggies cause I love them equally as well .

Lila Bett
17 Mar 2014

Your nice cool glass of milk is not what it used to be...think about drinking pus and antiboitics for one...not to mention the price the poor animals are paying for you to have it. There are many, many healthy and delicious other milk substitutes for it and no one has to die. Sorry...but that's the truth.

Elvira Pipinias
17 Mar 2014

milk is not needed as part of sustenance in adults and babies only need their own mothers milk Bill Stuever educate yourself before commenting so you dont sound silly.... thats not even taking in the abuse the animals go through for that glass of milk ....

Karin Billups Salwach
17 Mar 2014


Terry Sheen
4 Years Ago


Diane Fischbach
4 Years Ago

In a recent study, it was re-proven that plants not only feel pain, but are intelligent, sentient beings that have very long memories!! The only humane foods are fruit or veggies that have drooped off the plants on their own, like apples!

Terry Sheen
4 Years Ago



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