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As any animal lover will tell you, the fur industry is one of the cruelest imaginable. Each year an estimated one billion animals are bred, raised, and killed on fur farms around the world for their pelts. In addition to breeding animals for fur inside of farms, other animals are caught in wild traps for their pelts. Some of the animals destined for fur coats, boot linings, and other fashion accessories include raccoon dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink, chinchillas, dogs, cats and more. Sadly, once in processing facilities, they are kept in wire cages until they face death through a variety of means, all of which are chosen to avoid damaging the animal’s valuable fur, including gas chambers and neck breaking.

And now we have yet more disturbing news from the cruel fur industry … recently, animal rights group Oikeutta eläimille (Animal Justice) released a new undercover investigation from five Finnish farms showing overweight blue foxes. It’s believed that by breeding these animals to be so overweight, the fur farmers can maximize the amount of fur from each animal.

The caged foxes weigh five times more than would they normally weigh in the wild. According to Oikeutta eläimille, in the wild, female blue foxes weigh about 3.5 kilograms (around 6 pounds), but the fox they photographed at the farm was estimated to weigh more than 19 kilograms (40 pounds). 

The foxes are so overweight that their movements are labored and they are hardly recognizable as foxes. All for people’s vanity…

Steven Frostdahl of the Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association told YLE that the foxes’ lush, luxurious coats in the pictures were due to the animals having been selected for breeding and that the animals had likely since been put onto a so-called breeding diet and lost weight.

The Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association asked for the locations of the fur farms where the footage was taken so that veterinarians can be sent to check out conditions on-site.

Animal welfare legislation in Finland states that breeding that causes suffering is forbidden. The skins of the animals in this latest undercover footage are sold under Saga Furs brand. 

Of the skins sold at the last auction by Sage Furs, 83 percent belonged to the biggest sized groups, according to Oikeutta eläimilleThe skins sadly end up in many luxury fashion houses, such as Louise Vuitton, Gucci, and Michael Kors.



There is no true humane way to care for or kill thousands of animals at a time (or to kill animals at all, really). Although they may claim to care for the animals in their care, fur farms are mere businesses that view their animals as commodities. Animal welfare, more often than not, takes a backseat as fur farms – like any business – will always attempt to maximize their profits while cutting costs and labor. When dealing with animals, this often means worse conditions and incredibly cruel treatment – regardless of the industry.

Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves if we really need to wear fur; unlike the animals who are brutally slaughtered to produce our fur hats, coats, and shawls, we do not need fur. There are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives that can keep us warm without causing any harm to another living being.

If you are ready to remove yourself from the cruel system that is the international fur trade, check out these quick and easy tips to make the transition:

  • Always be certain to check clothing labels carefully to discern where the garment is from (faux fur from China has been mislabeled and sold in the U.S.) and if any animal products were used to make the clothing.
  • Know the difference between real vs. faux fur.
  • When all else fails, shop cruelty-free.
  • Support organizations like the Fur Free Alliance.

For more information on Oikeutta eläimille and how you can get involved, click here. Together we can end this cruel industry!

Image source: Oikeutta eläimille/Flickr

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5 comments on “Michael Kors, Gucci, and Others Are Using Fur From ‘Monster Foxes’ Who Are Bred to be 5 Times Bigger”

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4 Days ago

these hag designers and the repulsive stick figures supporting them need to die of anal cancer.

5 Days ago

Hiedi, I hope your first on the list to be killed and put on a hanger for purchase!!!!! However, i wouldn\'t even consider putting you in my closet and stinking up all my NATURAL THREADS LIKE COTTON AND HEMP YOU F***ING HEARTLESS PIECE OF S***!!! I bet your in line to order one of these helpless animals. And let me add that if you have children I could care less if they ended up on the missing childrens list because thats the nature of the BEAST RIGHT!!!! From your own words!! Cheers!!!

8 Days ago

The cages alone are cruel. I cannot imagine having to stay on chicken wire all day and night. How I wish people would understand what these beautiful animals go through. It breaks my heart. Now this? Un-freaking-believable! I wouldn\'t expect better of Louis Vuitton but Michael Kors? I am disgusted! Faux furs are so amazing now the there is no excuse to use real fur. Maybe they should raise the price of fake fur to make it more "exclusive", therefore bringing the demand up of these cold-hearted and shallow people!

Heidi Embrey
18 Sep 2017

I think people are getting completely caught up in sentiment here. Faux fur is made of plastic not natural material, plastic is made from petroium oil and mining and use could destroy our planet ..garbage islands..that stuff never degrades ever..that plastic=petrochemical fake fur fur coat will be on this earth FOREVER. I really would like to see us go back to more natural biodegradable materials like fur cotton and leather than use MORE plastic PETROCHEMICALS= made from petrolium oil which is which is killing Everything, killing all kinds of animals=plastics .Global climate change =plastics..Get a grip on what\'s important here? Please..

Heidi Embrey
18 Sep 2017

We are in the middle of the 6th mass extinction and people better get a grip quick or it will be more than these creatures that die

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10 Days ago

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16 Sep 2017

You should be ashamed for advertising and scamming people out of their money this way and especially doing so after a heartbreaking article about suffering animals. You are no better than the idiots in the fur industry. I hope your business gets shut down for fraud!

23 Days ago

those poor poor babies, humans are the most vile animals

Heidi Embrey
18 Sep 2017

Have you seen at all the way other animals torture their prey? You think other animals care if their prey suffers? You are vile, I am not. And those are not babies..babies are human infants.one quick way to tell is no thumbs. There is nothing cruel about omnivores harvesting animals. That is natural. Get a grip please.

29 Days ago

There is NO \'Louise Vuitton".... making errors in print renders all your statements suspect of falseness.
There IS a real inhumane tragedy taking place efery day, every night, right here in the USA; where hundreds of thousands of Black, Brown and other minority, such as First American red-skinned HUMAN BEINGS are herded into extremely overcrowded, uninhabitable cages, some in outdoor exposure camps that its commandant Arpoio, former sheriff with US authority over thousands of non-Americans and those suspected but not investigated for being illegally resident in US....are in hungry situations, left to rot by a gov\'t and states that are in collusion with crooked Privateer, profiteer corporations that bilk money from the US taxpayers, falsifying the money to take care of falsely imprisoned, often kidnapped persons, some who have worked, lived and raised citizen families for decades in the US, paying taxes. Unconstitutional abuses of power have racked up UN outrage for hundreds of former visa-holders who\'s visa may have elapsed, but not their rights. These would be ONLY SHAMEFUL if not for the fact that NO OTHER COUNTRY HOLDS AS MANY HUMANS PRISONER AS USA. All our rights stand empty, undefended when the rights to court appearance, lawful counsel, Red Cross contact are stomped out by lawbreaking president & sheriffs. But, thousands of cases of exposure, substandard nutrition, punishing those not even charged with a crime; and no legal action on Customs and Border suspicions by looking at peoples skin color or language. How can we take care of animals if we cannot first take legal, constitutional, humane care of human beings, especially those who fled here seeking political asylum, yet they lack the money that legal asylum cases require, so that only wealthy asylum seekers get that status, and the poor are falsely charged with breaking border laws. Shame on us; take care of humans and animals should see the same charitable, humane conditions.

Heidi Embrey
18 Sep 2017

RIght on..I think these people have lost their minds to call animals children and spit on homeless children in the street and spit on the disabled and poor..

30 Days ago


30 Days ago

disgusting and shameful. Poor animals suffering for vain people who are ugly and will remain so even when wearing beautiful fur. If you are buying these things you are shallow and have far too much money. Do something constructive with your money instead of causing evil suffering

Heidi Embrey
18 Sep 2017

There is nothing wrong with omnivores harvesting animals. Next you will tell us it in unethical to eat plants. You need to get a grip. We are in the middle of the 6th mass extinction and your shallow sentiment is going to get every human and animal species on earth killed soon. WISE UP!

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