Our dogs are not only our biggest fans and best friends, but they are the most loyal protectors we could even wish for. As animal lovers, there is no questioning the fact that we would do everything in our power to protect our four-legged friends from harm and it is nice to know that the feeling it mutual.

A town in Serbia is honoring the brave actions of a small Dachshund, Leo, who did the unimaginable and stepped in to save a 10-year-old girl, Vucetic, from a larger dog who attacked her.


Vucetic was on her way home from a friends house when a neighbor’s dog got loose from their yard and jumped on her from behind and grabbed her arm. The giant dog had pinned her to the ground and she yelled out for help. In no time at all, little Leo sprinted on to the scene and threw himself on the dog’s leg biting it until it released the girl. Sadly, Leo was no match for his opponent who inflicted brutal bite wounds on the poor pup.

Despite veterinarian’s best efforts to save Leo’s life, he didn’t survive the night. His heroic actions saved Vucetic’s life and his memory will never be forgotten in the town of Pancevo thanks to a newly erected statue.



Leo’s statue has been placed in a local park so that he can forever sit and watch over all the children who play there. On the statue, there is a plaque that reads “To all small heroes with big hearts,” a true testament to the courageous nature of this pup.

Rest in peace, Leo!