Okay, so the more time I spend with hoomans, the less I understand how they think sometimes. It’s like you looooove fuzzy, fluffy puppies, but you only like certain “types” of fuzzy, fluffy puppies … like what is that!? Sometimes I think that there’s too much thinking goin’ on up there … and the thinking doesn’t make any sort of logical sense.

Take, for example, the idea that just because some dogs have square heads and loud barks that they’re “aggressive” or “vicious”? Come on now, I have a loud, deep bark, but I’m the daintiest lady pup out there!


What really gets me is that people think that Pit Bulls and they dog that slightly resembles a Pit Bull are naturally mean dogs that make bad pets. SERIOUSLY, some places have even created LAWS to prevent people from adopting Pitties because of this malarky! Like really, did a dog ever love their human any less because they had a square face and talked really loud??!

Well … to settle this dispute, I asked some of my Pit Bull friends if they’re constantly fighting the urge to bite people and be really, really mean to anything that moves. Here’s their response.

Errrrrrm, hwhat?!



Yeah, you can really see those seeds of “evil” lingering in those eyes. Either that … or a natural desire to want to be loved, snuggled, and given tons of belly rubs. We all know how dangerous these things can be.

Yup, I rest my case. They might be hankering for snuggles … but NATURALLY vicious, nope, you got da wrong pups.

Lead image source: Terrah/Flickr