The story of Hachiko the faithful Akita is well-known across Japan. As the tale goes, Hachiko was the beloved pet of a professor at the University of Tokyo back in 1924. Every day when the professor left for class, the sweet dog would follow him to the train station and patiently wait for his return home. One day, however, the professor suffered a brain hemorrhage at work and never came home.

Hachiko continued to wait at the station for his guardian to come home every day for the next nine years! His incredible love and loyalty to his human remained constant up until the very day he passed away.


In honor of Hachiko’s commitment, a statue was recently erected to commemorate this amazing pup.



The Hachiko statue is nestled in a high traffic area of Shibuya train station, but during off-hours he must get pretty lonely. Luckily, a new feline companion has turned up to keep him company while the commuters are at work!


This cat has been keeping Hachiko company for some time now.



Reportedly, the cat comes to sit with Hachiko’s statue every day. The adorable kitty is absolutely adorable and very friendly which has captivated the attention of tourists and Shibuya-natives alike!


It’s generally accepted that the cat is not a stray by its shiny coat and multiple fashionable scarves, but a guardian has yet to step forward.



The cat has also attracted his own throng of admirers.


The cat’s handsome appearance combined with his air of mysteriousness may see him immortalized in a statue one day! We think the Hachiko statue would definitely love the company.



We guess that friends can come in all shapes and sizes. After years of Hachiko’s loyalty to his hooman, it is wonderful to see that his statue now has a friend that will be as steadfast and true in return.

Lead image  source: Rocket News 24