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Recently, more than two hundred bottlenose dolphins were captured and held in the infamous cove in Taiji, a fishing town in western Japan. That number is shocking. According to the reports from Dolphin Project, divers were choosing the future fate of the animals, selecting which were to be sold to marine parks and which right away killed for their meat. This is not an isolated case as the dolphin hunt is a tradition in the area.

Fortunately, the dolphins have found a powerful spokesperson to plead their case, Slash. Slash, best known as the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, commented on the situation calling the practice “deplorable” and urged people to recognize the terrible reality of the situation.

“It’s the kind of thing that just has to stop,” he said, “and I think that it’s possible to put an end to it. It’s just gonna take more and more people speaking up.” The artist recognized that in order to make a change there is a strong need for us to “stop the market” and rethink our choices when it comes to buying tickets to aquariums.

Click here to visit Dolphin Project’s website and find out what you can do to help the organization.

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1 Years Ago

The activists need to use direct action. Bash the hunter\'s heads in with pipes. If you have the stomach for violence and are willing to do a little time. The law in on the side of the hunters, so fuck the law.

1 Years Ago

IF you want to stop the brutal and inhumane slaughter of 20,000 dolphins a YEAR in Japan , you CAN by appealing directly to the Japanese people. Just 10 minutes a day. Go to FB and search for "dolphin angels". Each individual CAN do something to reach the Japanese people who are the only people to have a chance to change their governments mind! PLEASE do it for those that have no voice. WE collectively ARE their only chance. Thank you

1 Years Ago

Japan wants to be thought of as a progressive country? Then stop this archaic "tradition" of capturing and killing one of the smartest, family-oriented creatures on earth. Traditions can CHANGE and in this case SHOULD change immediately. I can only hope that this village meets its demise soon. There is NO REASON for this atrocity. As long as the government of Japan turns a blind eye to the going-ons in Tajai, many humane people will NEVER consider Japan a progressive country.

Jeff Biss
1 Years Ago

Good for Slash, raising his voice for the victims of a Japanese holocaust. Japan is a criminal nation for allowing this brutality to continue and not punishing the perps.


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