This story is just so horrific for all involved. Just recently, a big cat poacher was not only killed by a pride of lions he was hunting, but he was EATEN by them. It is believed that the poacher had been hunting at Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve, a private game reserve in South Africa near Kruger National Park when the incident occurred. The man was heard screaming for help but the lions didn’t waste time in killing him and eating most of the body, leaving his head untouched.

Police were immediately called to the scene and are currently working towards identifying the body. A hunting rifle was found near the body, so police are speculating the man was indeed a poacher who more than likely snuck onto the reserve.


British photographer, Charlie Lynham, who often photographs the lions on the reserve, didn’t have much sympathy for the poacher. “If you go out walking in the bush in the dark then I am afraid you are fair game in the wild and there is no way that anyone can attribute any blame to those lions for this kill,” Lynham told The Daily Mail.

While it’s certainly devastating that the man was so viciously killed, let’s be honest, he shouldn’t have been hunting in the first place. Lions, like all wild animals, still retain their instincts for survival and you cannot fault them for that.

With just 30,000 lions left on our planet, and sadly, many being kept in captivity, such as for the exotic pet trade and entertainment facilities, it’s up to us to protect this vulnerable species from extinction. With so few lions left on the planet, it’s appalling that people continue to hunt them in the first place.

Instead of killing innocent wild animals, there are many opportunities to peacefully interact with wildlife. For a list of reputable safaris, please click here. You can also get involved with some of these great organizations whose work aims to protect vulnerable wild lions:


Image Source: Capri23auto/Pixabay