Can we take a quick second to talk about the epic fail that was the meat industry this week? Like seriously, news broke that processed meats including their poster child, bacon causes cancer and that red meat is probably, sort of (definitely) a major carcinogen as well. Yes, we all saw the headlines going back and forth: “Bacon is the New Cigarettes,” “Nah, Bacon’s Cool, Only 10 Times Less Likely to Kill You … Right Now” and a whole lot of other malarky.

Rising above all the flying bacon grease, we pointed out the fact that not only is breakfast sausage carcinogenic, but simultaneously polluting our water, air, and killing other animals in the process (talk about multi-tasking!).


No matter how many of their “scientists” and totally unbiased “experts” come out saying brilliant things likes this to ensure our Government stays silent on the issue….


The fact is, we don’t need their bologna – literal OR figurative – because turns out, plant-based foods are already taking over. The meat industry can spew their opinions as facts, and other nonsense all they want … but all it takes is for us to list 4 simple points to serve the truth. You can’t argue with the numbers, Americans are eating less meat and actively seeking out plant-based alternatives. So, sorry we’re not sorry, meat industry … that walk of shame is going to be a long one.

Meanwhile, we’re like… (and Leo DiCaprio is on our side)…