Animal lovers treat their companion dogs and cats like their very own fur babies. They always make sure that they have enough food and water, they provide enriching stimulation to entertain them, and of course, they supply plenty of hugs and kisses. Sadly, there are certain events that may force guardians to give up their pets. In Syria, the war has driven many to flee the country to seek a safe refuge, and not every family can bring their furry pals along.

So, what happens to these innocent animals that are left behind? Well, cat-wise, many of them have been taken in by Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, also known as “The Cat Man of Aleppo.”Aljaleel currently looks after more than a hundred stray and abandoned cats. In his makeshift sanctuary, he provides them with food, emotional support, and even sends pictures of them back to a few heartbroken guardians.


While thousands of people have fled Syria, and more flee every day, Aljaleel says he will never abandon the cats, referring to them as his friends. Aljaleel is a beautiful example of a true animal hero.

Image source: Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel/Facebook