Disasters, whether natural or the product of a human conflict, exact a toll on everyone and everything involved. Homes, lives, and families can be disrupted or lost in the smallest fraction of a second.

When huge disasters like these strike, some have no other choice but to leave the family pet behind. Hurricane Katrina, for instance, separated many families from their pets. In fact, rescuers still found dogs protecting their family’s homes months after the hurricane was over.


The recent political crisis in Syria has given millions no other choice but to pack up and leave their generational homes. Life for a refugee can be uncertain at best and dangerous at worst and many have been forced to make due with only what they can fit in a small backpack. But 25-year-old Syrian refugee Omer refused to leave his adorable feline companion Johnny behind when he had to journey from his home.

“I’m Omer and this is my cat, Johnny. We’re from Syria. I’m 25 and Johnny is 5 months old.”

Omer has traveled on foot for most of the trip. On top of that, Omer has very little money and the only possessions he has are things he can carry on his back. In spite of that he’s still found a way to keep Johnny fed and healthy.

This is Omer and Johnny at a collection point for Migrants at Roeszke, Hungary where they received much-needed food, rest, and supplies.

Omer feeds some of what little food he has to Johnny to keep him healthy. Remember, Omer only gets enough food for one adult. So every morsel is precious.


The future for Omer and Johnny’s is currently unclear, but we have faith that they’ll be fine as long as they have each other.

All image source: Twitter