One of the worst things about tragedy, is the toll that it takes on the lives of both humans and their animal companions. Whenever people are the victims of political crisis’ or natural disasters, our animals become victims, too! So when Aslan, a 17-year-old Syrian refugee was forced to leave his home in Damascus, he was determined to bring Rose, his tiny little Husky puppy along with him to Greece.

Despite the long journey and trying conditions, Aslan refused to leave his puppy behind. “I love my dog.” He says, simply, in the video above.


With the current political situation in Syria displacing millions of people, life can be very uncertain for a refugee. It is an unfortunate set of circumstances that often brings out the cruelty in people, causing them to turn their backs to those in need. There is no telling what kind of a future waits for Aslan or Rose, but his commitment to love and loyalty to his dog, even under the worst possible circumstances, is already gathering attention. Let’s hope this no-buddy-left-behind story has a happy ending.