This fall, London is getting its very first dedicated zero waste vegan market. The initiative, called Zero Mkt, promises zero animal products, zero single-use plastics, and zero waste, proposing to focus on reusable, recyclable, and compostable products instead.

Zero Mkt will be located in the Conservatory in the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington. It is set to debut September 29, 2018, and tickets for the launch are already available online for £3.73 (around $5). Any profit will be donated to Animal Equality and surplus food from the market will be donated to City Harvest! The market organizers also encourage shoppers to bring their own zero waste food containers and utensils if they are already on hand. The market is still open for stall bookings by zero waste and vegan businesses.


The initiative hopes to get everyone to “explore sustainable products” and become inspired to “begin to live more consciously.” All the visitors will be encouraged to discover new sustainable food items and other products, all under the banner of conserving and preserving the planet.

“Non-recyclable plastics, intensive farming of animals, landfill full to the brim – what a sorry sight,” the market organizers write. “Here’s your chance to make a change.”

Shopping plastic-free while making as little waste as possible is (thankfully) a growing trend – according to a poll conducted in the UK by A Plastic Planet, nine out of 10 people want supermarkets to have a “plastic-free aisle.” In addition to this, many grocery stores have taken steps to remove plastic from the produce aisle and check-out. It is so great to see initiatives like this one adding to the rising tide of consumer awareness about plastic waste.

When it comes to plastic, we can all make a difference, whether by cutting out just one type of disposable item, limiting our use, or trying to give single-use plastic up altogether. To learn how you can reduce your plastic use, check out One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign!


Image source:  SpelaG91/Shutterstock