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Israel has been showing up the rest of the planet the past few months when it comes to vegan-friendly culture. First, the Israeli Domino’s Pizza chain became the first in the world to offer a soy-cheese option. Now, Omri Paz, founder of Vegan-Friendly Israel and the man behind the Domino’s vegan pizza, is expecting more than 600 people at the country’s first-ever Vegan Congress on March 7 in Tel Aviv.

“The concept is to take all the activities and projects that different organizations are doing and connect them to people out there looking to be more active, and talk about the situation in Israel so that every year we can meet and talk about changes that have taken place and what we can do in the future,” Paz said to ISRAEL21c.

After discussing matters at the Congress, members of the Vegan-Friendly group plan to drive a “Vegan-Mobile” around the country. They’ll park at a different major city each month to screen videos about veganism and offer various activities for people to learn about the health, environmental, and animal-welfare benefits of maintaining a plant-based diet.

Also, the group plans to have a vegan barbecue (or mangal) on Israel Independence Day, as well as a Shavout festival without cheese. Israelis came out in droves for the last festival: about 10,000 strong.

Paz and his Vegan-Friendly Israel group are fantastic role models for the United States in pioneering similar vegan initiatives like vegan fast-food menu options and public vegan barbecues. Perhaps this is because the Vegan Friendly mission is to publicize the positive side of veganism and avoid anything bloody or negative.

“That’s how we got into the mainstream so easily Israel is probably the country where it’s easiest to be vegan in the whole world,” said Patz to ISRAEL21c.

Image Source: Baked Falafel Salad

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49 comments on “Israel is Going Vegan-Crazy, Holds First Vegan Congress”

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Sally Naveh
4 Years Ago

Rachel Topaz...<3

Gideon Behar
4 Years Ago

Israel, keep on going this way!

Jessica Martin
4 Years Ago

Wes Culbertson

Janice Dost
4 Years Ago

What's good about fake cheese? Why not just skip the cheese course?

Kumara Kumarasinghe
4 Years Ago

Anyhow I believe vegan-ism will help to develop a peaceful human society.

Rachel Topaz
4 Years Ago

I don't think politics should be brought into this kind of post but I will have to say that those who think Israel is starving or mistreating palestinians really have no clue what they're talking about. For your information Israel is the only democratic country in the middle east, they only country in the middle east with religious freedom, the only country in the middle east where gays and lesbians can walk in the streets hand in hand, kiss, hug, and not be afraid to show who they are. Israeli arabs have full citizen rights like any other citizen, they go to school, they go to university, they get their masters and phd's just like everyone else. In 2005 the gaza strip was given back to the palestinians in hopes of peace, but almost 10 years later no peace is to be found, in fact rockets are constantly launched on Israeli civilians from gaza, the people of gaza chose hamas, a terrorist organization to lead them. I wonder if those who post negative things here about Israel, have you posted your concerns about the slaughter that's going on in syria, or the stoning and killing of gays and women in iran or saudi arabia?? I'm going to guess not, because as it all comes down to pure hatred for the Jewish people, pure antisemitism. So having said all that, as a vegan and a proud supporter of Israel, I'm glad Israel is going vegan, it shows that the Jewish people are smart, compassionate, and strong and know what's good for their health. Please educate yourself before posting ignorant comments.

Avi Reinharz
07 Mar 2014

Great comment Rachel T., thanks!

03 Apr 2015

Well said. It shouldn\'t matter what is going on between Israel and Palestine. Even IF Jews were entirely at fault and Muslims completely innocent, it would have no bearing on this type of good news. A step in the right direction is always a positive thing, and we cannot ignore the good things done by a person or country just because they also do bad things at times. No human is 100% perfect, but we can all try. If other countries were more like Israel, the world would be a better place.

Joan Ilott
4 Years Ago

Israelis adopt a vegetarian diet because the majority of them will only eat meat blessed by their own Rabbi and NOT because of any consideration towards animals.

Charlotte Crow
08 Mar 2014

I know, isn't it fun to write random comments without basing them on anything or knowing what you're talking about... Just so you know, the meat in almost every restaurant and supermarket in Israel is kosher (and has been "blessed" by a rabbi as you've said). And people still go vegan or vegetarian. Next time you want to write a comment against Israel (which I guess was the reason behind that baseless comment) at least base it on something, not just make stuff up - it will make you seem less ignorant.

Tsachi Ganot
08 Mar 2014

Joan, that's the most ridiculous thing i ever head. first of all, all the meat in israel is kosher and it's not a problem to get kosher meet on any standard. second, 90% of the people who are vegan are not religious and don't observe those laws anyway. as a vegan and an israeli I can tell you we care just as much as you about animal rights so please check your facts before slandering us. peace,

Es DeVee
4 Years Ago

The obvious question would be: if Israel isn't good enough, what country is?

Tom Sol
4 Years Ago

guys you have taking it too far with the Palestinians. how do you know we are not against the government?? we are against all use for bad of the wick and harmless. we are against murder of all kind. if you were a true vegan you would appreciate this congress.

dan cohen
24 Apr 2014

well i am buddhist - i am a proud israeli - i am proud of my army - very proud and i dont like islam and i dont like the muslims - tha infiltrated my lands and lie to the world - and make it seem as if the israeli army is bad - and they made up a people the "Palestinians" which dosnt exist nad that arabs cant even say the name correctly - some self hating jews created the Palestinians and until recently all this arabs would insist they are syrians and that they dont want a country

in short : im vegan - buddhist - israeli and proud and i like my army the idf BUT it shouldnt matter to no one - cause the animals dont care who is vegan as long as they are vegan !
so if syria egypt iran will decid to go vegan no one would be more happy and supportive than me !

Tudie Stewart- Ryley
4 Years Ago

right on!


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