It seems like every day more and more people are waking up to the understanding that what they eat impacts the world around them. (I know, you would think for animals that are “so smart,” humans would have figured this out a long time ago!) In the latest amazing news, the English soccer team Forest Green Rovers has announced their entire club (players and stadium alike) will be going 100 percent plant-based for the sake of animals, the environment, and also the health of their players as well!

This revolutionary club has been serving veggie burgers since 2011, but their owner Dale Vince – a vegan and avid environmentalist – has decided it’s time to take the leap and go all vegan!





I personally love all things ball related – but soccer is definitely my new favorite game from here on out! Hopefully, other teams who see this team’s amazingly kind (and incredibly practical) leadership will decide to make the switch too! Hey, if you’re into sports superstition, this is one move that can definitely improve the old Karma!