Karma is real and as this cruel animal abuser found out, it’s dangerous!

The little dog you see in the video is a stray who was just snuffling around the trash bins – of what appears to be a computer cafe –for some food. The dog is minding its own business, posing no threat to anyone in the cafe. But that doesn’t stop some random guy from coming from nowhere and attempting to kick the dog hard in its stomach. As animal lovers, it baffles us to think that someone would firstly have this impulse and second we’re even more flabbergasted that they would act on it.


Luckily, this man has somewhat of a Charlie Brown moment when karma reared its beautiful head. He winds up for the kick, takes and step and bam … the most spectacular failure fall ever. The dog totters away safe and sound and the man was left with nothing but giggling onlookers and a sprained tailbone.

It’s awesome that things turned out this way and we really hope that in another twist, the dog will find a loving home soon. Now, of course, we don’t wish any sort of undue misfortune on the man … but we certainly think an epic bruise would serve as a rather painful reminder to act with a little more compassion next time.