Exciting news out of the fashion world! Luxury fashion brands, BCBGMAXAZRIA and BCBGeneration are now fur and angora FREE!

This victory for animals comes from the help of animal rights organization, PETA, as well as their youth division, peta2, who spent three years petitioning the company to ban fur and angora. PETA recently shared the news on their blog, stating that, “After learning about our appeal, executives of Marquee Brands, the BCBG brands’ new owner, let PETA know that fur and angora are now banned.”


Animals on fur farms suffer unimaginable cruelty from electrocution to even being skinned alive. Each year one billion innocent animals including rabbits, minks, and foxes endure miserable lives of being confined in tiny, unsanitary cages only to brutally tortured and killed. Don’t be fooled by fur farms claiming to “care” for their animals. Angora wool, known to be softer than cashmere, is just as cruel. In 2013, PETA released footage from their undercover investigations of ten angora farms in China. The investigations showed workers tying severely distressed rabbits down and ripping the fur from their bodies.

BCBG joins other high-end fashion labels in the fur-free movement, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, HUGO BOSS, Armani, Vivienne Westwood, and Tommy Hilfiger. And most recently, Gucci announced they will drop fur from their lines starting with their 2018 spring collection. Although this is a huge step in the right direction toward a brighter, more humane future for fashion, we hope BCBG and other fashion labels take the lead from brands like Stella McCartney, which is an all-vegan brand, and ditch other animal-derived products like leather and wool as well.


No coat, purse, or shoe is worth the pain and suffering of another living being. Thankfully, as more consumers learn about the cruelty involved in producing their winter clothing, the fashion industry is beginning to phase fur out.

To learn more about some other awesome cruelty-free fashion brands, check this out. And remember to share this fabulous news with your fashion-forward friends and family!


Image Source: strengthinnumbers/Flickr