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Gather up your eco-friendly backpacks and recycled notebooks kids, coming fall of 2015, MUSE school in Calabasas, California will be the first school in America serving an entirely plant-based menu to their students.

I love kale at school!

Say Hello to America's First All Vegan School, Thanks to James CameronRecruiting Blogs

The school, which opened its doors in 2006, has two campuses and was founded by Rebecca Amis and Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of famed film producer and director, James Cameron.

With a strong seed-to-table program already in place and lots of flourishing gardens tended to by the students, the plan to guide the entire menu toward an entirely whole foods, plant-based one has been in the works for the last year and a half.

“It’s about raising kids who don’t think it’s strange or exotic or worthy of a pat on the back to be doing the right thing for the living biosphere.” Cameron said of his reasons for the menu offerings.

“It’s moments like these when I think, wow, this would never have happened if we’d all just eating more plants.”

Say Hello to America's First All Vegan School, Thanks to James CameronAlternet

Inspired to go vegan in 2012 after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives the Camerons initially made the transition for their health, but then began to focus on the positive environmental impacts a plant-based diet can make.

“What has really been a major eye opener is the connection between food and the environment,” Amis Cameron said of their transition. “Now, we’re benefiting greatly from eating plant-based, as are our children, but the environmental piece has become really our sole focus.”

Considering that the entire purpose of the school is to be a nonprofit learning center to teach students about the environment, responsibility and leadership, this choice fits seamlessly. “You can’t really call yourself an environmentalist if you’re still consuming animals,”

“You can’t really call yourself an environmentalist if you’re still consuming animals,” Amis Cameron said. “You just can’t.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know what I ate had an impact on the environment, okay. I can feel your look Neytiri, you don’t even need to go there.”

Say Hello to America's First All Vegan School, Thanks to James CameronWikipedia

Climate scientists and even the U.N. agree with her, citing meat production as one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, recommending a global shift toward a plant-based diet in order to eliminate the problem.

It’s clear that the Cameron’s aren’t interested in going half-way. From the ecologically sustainable construction of the school and now to their menu, they are interested in making a difference. What’s even better is that they’re empowering the next generation to continue the trend.

If more people were like them, we might just have a world left for Leonardo DiCaprio to be King of!

Lead image source: Actress Picz

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0 comments on “Say Hello to America’s First All Vegan School, Thanks to Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron”

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Paleo Man
3 Years Ago

What a total joke. I feel sorry for any kid forced to attend such a bogus institution.

06 Jun 2015

Fuck you.

John Christopher Crabtree
3 Years Ago

Wonderful. I wish I had this option when growing up. Perhaps now the evil big businesses won\'t be able to corrupt as many people. Kudos!!

Eva Blais
3 Years Ago

What an amazing concept. The Camerons are real visionaries - Congratulations. These students are very lucky to learn life skills without harming animals. Thank You.

3 Years Ago

Bravo Suzy Cameron and Muse School CA! Please learn more about Muse School CA from my visit to the school. Make sure not to miss the graphic chart that includes important information on the environmental and ecological benefits of eating just One (plant based) Meal a Day. They have abundant delicious food there from their own certified Green kitchen. One meal makes a difference. Please read and enjoy! http://www.happycow.net/blog/one-meal-a-day-for-the-planet-and-more-with-muse-school/

3 Years Ago

Gracias ,..y es que realmente en la educacion hay que mostrar y enseñar lo bueno.

3 Years Ago

What if one of their students decided they don\'t want to be vegan though? They\'re just gonna starve themselves throughout school hours? They shouldn\'t force their students to eat one kind of meals, no school should, be it vegan, vegetarian food or meat. I really applaud them for what they\'re doing, but school is all about learning and experiencing, how will their students mature if everything around them is based on one single experience, Veganism?

27 Feb 2015

They\'re forcing everyone to eat meat/dairy and greasy foods now in schools, how\'s this any different? There are no vegetarian much less vegan options in most school cafeterias right now.

James White
02 Mar 2015

the point is to change the paradigm into an existence not based on eating our fellow earthlings.

your point is lost in the greater consideration of not eating someone who does not choose to be eaten.

think about that

02 Mar 2015

I am sure the children could eat whatever they want for breakfast and dinner but it is awesome they are being exposed to plant based at school. If kids are hungry, they will eat, they will not starve. If it is really a problem, I am guessing their parents wouldn\'t choose to send them to that particular school.

However, being a plant based family in the public school system my children never have ANY options. Not one. If I didn\'t not send food they would have absolutely nothing to eat at school. So, I appreciate the efforts that are being made here.

02 Mar 2015

This is a very ignorant comment. The school is providing a healthy plant based school lunch. Probably way healthier than anything these kids are eating at home. None of these kids would starve themselves, I guarantee that menu has some pretty scrumptious food on it. Upon returning home the kids can eat whatever their hearts desire. Also, kids do not know what is best for their bodies, that is why they should not be allowed to choose their own meals. We should be teaching our children, not trying to be their best friend.

Jen Marion
03 Mar 2015

If you don\'t like Vegan, attend a different school.

Brett W
3 Years Ago

They made their announcement at Chateau Marmont. This is funny because that Beverly Hills jokefest has anything but a vegan menu. So I guess looking good is more important than the message.

Monica V Lucas
3 Years Ago

I really love this news. Really. We get so little good news. This , the KXL veto, and the FCC\'s acceptance of net neutrality , have made my week. That\'s a lot of good news at once :)

26 Feb 2015

In what world is net neutrality a good thing ???

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