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As news reports and undercover investigations reveal, animal abuse occurs with troubling regularity in the United States. No species of animal seems to be immune from this cruelty: from companion animals to circus animals to farmed animals, animal abuse is an increasingly concerning issue.

Perhaps more concerning is how little protection and justice animals are afforded under the law. Very often, animal abuse is simply ignored by authorities. When it is charged as a crime, defendants often get away with insignificant misdemeanor convictions and trivial fines as their only punishment. For example, a New Jersey woman who starved her dog, stuffed him into a trash bag, dumped him into a garbage disposal, and left him to die only received a $2,000 fine and 18 months of probation for her crime. In another case, workers who viciously kicked, stomped on, and beat dairy cows at an Idaho dairy farm received nothing more than minuscule $500 fines.

These disproportionate results may be because historically, animal abuse has not been considered a particularly serious crime. However, there are a number of reasons why animal abuse should be taken much more seriously and considered a “violent crime” deserving of stronger punishment.

What is a “Violent Crime?”

A “violent crime” is one where the victim of the crime is harmed by or threatened with violence. Under U.S. law, violent crimes include murder, rape, sexual assault, robbery, and assault. Such crimes are considered especially serious and are thus closely tracked by law enforcement and typically punished more harshly than other crimes.

Currently, a violent crime only qualifies as such if the victim of the crime is a human being. This means that an act of violence committed against an animal – no matter how egregious – is not technically considered a violent crime, and it is not punished as such.

Why Isn’t Animal Abuse Currently Considered a Violent Crime?

Astonishingly, animals are still considered property under the law, much the same as a table or chair. Because violent crimes contemplate harms committed against people and not against property, animal abuse does not qualify as a violent crime, despite the fact that animal abuse very obviously involves violence.

Instead, animal abuse is often treated as an infraction or low-level misdemeanor, typically punished by no more than a fine and probation.

Animal Abuse Should be Considered a Violent Crime!

There are a number of very important reasons that animal abuse should be considered a violent crime in our legal system.

First, we know based on personal experience and countless scientific studies that animals are not things. They are nothing like other “property” such as tables and chairs. Animals are sentient beings with the ability to feel a range of emotions, and they are harmed both physically and psychologically by violent abuse, much as human beings are. They deserve to be treated under the law as the complex creatures that they are.

Second, animal abuse is strongly linked with other forms of abuse, such as domestic violence and child abuse. One study found that animal abuse occurred in 88 percent of homes where child abuse had been discovered. Another study found that up to 83 percent of women entering domestic violence shelters report that their abusers also abuse the family pet. In fact, animal abusers are five times more likely to abuse people.

Changing the Law to Change Public Perception

By classifying animal abuse as a violent crime and tracking and punishing it accordingly, we will protect both helpless animals and the people animal abusers are more likely to abuse. While it is incredibly important to appropriately punish animal abusers this change would play an even larger role in the way we regard animals in our society.

When we consider the harm done to animals as equal to the harm done to members of our own species, we can begin to change cultural perceptions of animals and one day upgrade their status from being property to being individuals in their own right. It is only when this conscious change is made that we can hope to see a real change in the way that people treat and view animals. It’s not only an upgrade in the law, but an upgrade in our own values.

Image Source: Tim Dawson/Wikimedia Commons

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1,007 comments on “Should Animal Abuse be Considered a Violent Crime?”

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29 Days ago

Hell Yes. Euthanize the abuser.

Ryan Sloan
1 Months Ago

Absolutely yes

1 Months Ago

Without doubt. Animal abuse should be treated as a violent crime. However, the present law must be changed . Animals have the capacity to think, learn and have sensitivity. This is well demonstrated already by guide dogs, assistance ,military , police and customs dogs. Other animals such as elephants and other species of wild life are bound by family instinct and act accordingly.
The human race does not have a monopoly on intelligence and sensitivity.
Given our history of violence to each other and to other species, we fall short , given that we are supposed to be so " intelligent "

1 Months Ago

Yes, it should be a felony. God told man to take care of his animals. Too many are doing a shabby job. Animal abuse often leads to people abuse too.

Carole Hamilton
1 Months Ago

It is a no brainer, anyone who can abuse an animal is beyond evil. They should be jailed and never allowed to have animals again

Perczak Ewa
1 Months Ago

how true is it !! the last section of this article is exactly what Leonard de Vinci said, almost 500 years ago !!! he said the day will come when the people as you and me, will consider the murder of an animal, in the same way, as they consider the murder of a man today " only one difference : we are still wishing this happen and he, he said this already in the affimative way !!! the way is long yet !!! we have a lot of job to do yet ! I wish very strong that what said this man 500 years ago, comes as quicly as possible !! many countries try to change theirs behaviors in favor of animals, but unfortunately, we have still the problem : the money !! as long as the money would be at stake , we would have to fight strongly to impose our point of view ! it is totally true that there, where exists the animal abuse, the child abuse, the woman abuse, exist too ! !! all gouvernements in the world should think about this !!! and work together !! the animal abuse exists in Europe !!! it\'s horrible what happens here, in Europe, to the animals, all animals,!! family pets, circus animal or yet farmed animals !! we don\'t need to go to USA, Australia or asiatic countries !!! we can see this hell in our old Europe, considered as advanced and civilised continent !!
the Europe\'s gouvernements are not very involved, I guess, in the fight to protect the animals ! so, we have to be strong and fight together everywhere, in order to make our voice very strong and audible !! what you do Linda, is fantastic !! thank you for them !!

Linda Johnson
1 Months Ago

I have a petition please sign and share! Thank you, https://www.change.org/p/u-s-house-of-representatives-give-the-animals-rights

1 Months Ago


1 Months Ago

Is there any question??? Abuse is a crime in any fashion. Animals that we domesticate or who depend on humans to be their keepers and have an emotional connection with deserve us to be human. To abuse any animal is a giant lack of heart to think it is only a cow or a stray dog or a wild lion, any life deserves its life! When a human (using this term loosely) crosses over a very tragic line and no longer FEELS the pain they are inflicting are just steps away from doing it to a human(,not that humans should be any higher on the LIFE scale) The worse infractions are the ones who calculate the deed or just watch a life be snuffed out by fighting for money,or too lazy to feed an animal, or be taught a lesson because their EGOS needed to feel something that they pathetically lack. A VIOLENT crime??? It is a VIOLENT state of inhumanity we live in if we have to even consider if ABUSE to animals is a crime!! We share the planet and the creatures on it ! WE DO NOT OWN IT !

1 Months Ago

Why in the world is there even a question about this?? OF COURSE animal abuse should be considered a crime! There is absolutely no good reason why it shouldn\'t!


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