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By now, most of us know that factory farming is a monstrous problem – for the environment, the animals, and those working in these facilities.

Over 10 billion land animals are killed for food in the U.S. every year – a frightening statistic that is expected to increase with population numbers if nothing is done.

Slaughter stats are staggering, but the way the system runs is even more disturbing. Anyone who has seen undercover footage of the animal abuse, toxic waste, and read or heard stories of factory farm workers know that these facilities are not fit for anyone.

While it might be simple to just tell people to “go veg,” issues are always much more complex. To many, going veg seems like the logical choice, but of course, not everyone will choose this path, nor does it help when they’re being pressured into it.

Whether or not you believe in people consuming family farm-raised meat or not, there is no disputing the atrocities that are factory farms. This industry benefits no one, except perhaps the pocket books of big business, but let’s be real – that’s not actually a legitimate argument in support of these operations.

For some, videos of gory factory farms are really what can push one to be a more conscious consumer, yet for others a softer yet still impactful approach can be equally beneficial.

Below, we offer you a selection of five powerful videos on factory farming without any gore — all of which are still immensely effective at spreading the word about this terrible industry. They’re particularly great to shop around social media and other outlets as you might be able to open the eyes of someone who would otherwise look away.

Ultimately, we should all come face-to-face with where our food comes from, but one medium does not have to fit all.

1. If you eat factory farmed meat, this is what you’re eating too:

2. Meat comes at a steep, steep price…

3. One choice can make a world of difference…

4. If pigs could talk, this is what they’d try to tell us:

5. If we keep up the good fight, we can cultivate a better world.

Image source: Jo-Anne McArthur/WeAnimals.org

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79 comments on “5 Powerful Videos on Factory Farming (Without the Gore)”

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Kathryn Chambers
4 Years Ago

This is why I don't eat meat !

Ana Marija Cumming
4 Years Ago

a can;t wach

Ana Marija Cumming
4 Years Ago

sve za novac Davoljevi ljudi

Nathan Kennerley
4 Years Ago

What-no gore?

Carolyn Bruce
4 Years Ago

I would like to watch and share this on my page, but those pop-up videos on your page are extremely off-putting so I won't!

Angela Gipson
4 Years Ago

sadly, this is preaching to the choir. The people who need to see this are the meat eaters who think it is their "right" to continue with this behavior.

4 Years Ago

Hey, it won't le tme save the photo of the pigs at the top. Can I have the link to it? I need that photo.

One Green Planet
06 Jan 2014

The link is included below the last video. Here it is http://weanimals.org/pub/portfolio/Factory%20Farming/B%20SW2_2034.jpg

Neusa Del Conte
4 Years Ago

Nazistas do inferno!

Joan Aspen
4 Years Ago

i dont buy meat anymore because of this. its so sad it makes me wanna slap the cruel people behind such torture!

Daniel Stackhouse
4 Years Ago

Video #3 is the only one that isn't focused on welfarist "happy exploitation" nonsense. Even still, they should be encouraging veganism as the only logical solution instead of encouraging a simple reduction in animal consumption. Tolerance is not going to make a change here - the message needs to be clear that exploitation and environmental destruction are 100% unacceptable.


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