If you’re an athlete, a bodybuilder, or just somebody who’s interested in vegan #gains, then it’s possible you’ve dabbled in the wondrous world of protein powders and supplements before. But have you ever heard of pea protein?

Not only is it gluten- and dairy-free, but it’s also majorly beneficial for both your heart and kidney health. Getting your hands on pea protein is also becoming increasingly easier, considering the pea protein market is slated to be worth $34.8 million by 2020. Not bad for a tiny round seed!

While it may sound suspicious at first — could those little pods really be as nutrient dense as the hype makes them out to be? Pea protein is actually considered to be a complete source of protein, which means it contains all the essential amino acids that our bodies do not naturally produce. One scoop of pea protein packs in 24 grams of protein, and it is particularly rich in arginine, an amino acid that is especially crucial in times of stress or illness.

Sometimes it’s intimidating to research and find products on your own — so luckily, One Green Planet has your back. Not only do we have plenty of recipes on our Food Monster App to help you incorporate more protein into your daily routine, but we’ve also hunted down some products that are vegan and feature pea protein. Check them out below!