If you’re trying to incorporate protein powder into your routine and are looking to stay away from whey, it can seem like your only other option is a soy-based protein powder. While this may have been the case a decade ago, nowadays there are quality soy-free protein powders made from all sorts of ingredients from rice and pea protein to vegetables, seeds, grains, and legumes.

If you’re looking for something sweet to perk up a glass of almond milk there are flavored powders that are sweetened with cacao, stevia, and xylitol, among other ingredients. If you’re looking for an unflavored powder that will blend perfectly with savory dishes or oatmeals without altering the taste, those exist in the market, as well. Finding a protein powder that fits all of your criteria may seem like a daunting task … unless you have One Green Planet to guide you! We’ve done the research and found 15 soy-free and vegan protein powders you can feel good about adding to your smoothie. Check ’em out!