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Fillings: For fillings you want a good balance of slightly moist and dry ingredients… too wet and the sushi will break at the skin, not wet enough and it won’t hold good form.Another thing to keep in mind is other than the veggies you need something “bulky” or mushy so it will keep together and not be messy/fall apart.

 These things are fillings to hold it’s form:

  • tofu
  • avocado
  • grilled tempeh
  • pickles sliced sideways
  • cream cheese/ cottage cheese (could be vegan versions of both!)
  • steamed/boiled pumpkin mashed or sliced
  • steamed/boiled “riced” or mashed cauliflower

Now for the other veggies and fillings you want something crunchy so it’s easy to cut into and gives good texture… things like:

  • bean shoots
  • shredded carrot
  • shredded cabbage
  • juliened cucumber
  • juliened capsicum
  • shredded raddish
  • thinly sliced jicama or kohlrabi

You could also add some crushed nuts and seeds if you like! remember to not over fill the sushi or it may fall apart. Towards the end of tighly wraping your sushi roll slightly dampen the end line a bit with water or more cream cheese ect. to stick it together. When cutting the sushi roll make sure to have a firm grip on it.

Enjoy your grainless sushi and get creative!

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