Americans love to snack. Whether it’s a bag of chips, a granola bar, or some non-dairy yogurt, people love food that is ready to be munched from one moment to the next. Snacking times have changed in recent years, though. In the past, people’s main concern with snacks was taste and convenience.  Snack time was essentially a time where you could indulge in something greasy, maybe something a little sweet, and you kept all of your nutritional to-dos for actual meals. Nowadays, however, people are realizing that having healthy snacks on hand is ideal for making it through the day energized and feeling good. People are seeking nutrient-dense foods that are filled with good-for-you ingredients. This shift in snacking attitudes went hand-in-hand with the rise of “superfoods” and “superseeds” like hemp and chia. Which is why it’s no surprise that with each passing month we are seeing increasingly more brands incorporating superseeds into their products. And they’re boasting about it loudly and prominently on their packaging. In fact, superseed products have become so popular, you don’t even have to go to the store to get them! Check out these 15 snacks with hemp and chia you can order from home!

1. Chia Popcorn 

Lesser Evil Chia Pop Who would’ve thought the day would come where not only could you eat popcorn without guilt but you could eat it and actually feel healthy! Lesser Evil’s Chia Popcorn has made that dream a reality. Free of gluten and refined sugars, and with a decent amount of fiber, protein, and of course chia seeds, in each serving, you don’t have to hold back on movie night with this one!


2. Hemp Heart Bites 

Hemp Heart Bites Do you want to get more hemp seeds into your daily diet but don’t want to necessarily think of innovative ways of incorporating it into your cooking? No worries! With Hemp Heart Bites you can get all of the benefits of hemp seeds, in easy bite-sized form, no major culinary creativity required! In addition to having 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas per serving, these hemp treats are raw and paleo.

3. Luke’s Organic Superfood Multigrain and Seed Chips

Luke's Organic Multigrain and Seed Chips

When you look at chips like Luke’s Organic Superfood Multigrain and Seed Chips, it’s amazing to think there are chips out there that are made just from potatoes and salt! These babies are nut-free and chock full of good-for-you ingredients. The chips themselves are made from quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, millet, and corn, drizzled with some sunflower oil, and then studded with hemp seeds. Pair with some hummus, and you’ve got yourself a filling and nourishing snack.

4. Nutiva O’Coconut Treats 

Nutiva O'Coconut

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ignore all of your sweet cravings (if that’s even possible…) Nutiva O’Coconut Treats are the prime example of the kind of treat that you can still enjoy even if you’re trying to eat healthy. They are lightly sweetened with coconut flakes, have the smoothness and nourishment from coconut oil, and enjoy a nutty burst of flavor from hemp and chia. They’re also individually wrapped so that you can just grab one for the road. Perfect!

5. Wilderness Poets Hempseed Butter 

Wilderness Poets Hempspread

Wilderness Poets HempSpread is as straightforward as it gets. It’s made 100 percent from hemp seeds and is handcrafted in small batches so that none of the hemp seeds impressive benefits get lost in the process. The spread is a rich green color because of the living green oil of pressed hemp seeds. You can use this creamy and smooth butter on a crunchy piece of whole wheat toast, as a fruit and veggie dip, as a smoothie add-on, or even for salad dressing!


6. Two Moms in the Raw Cranberry Chia Crunch Granola Bars 

Two Moms in the Raw

Two Moms in the Raw Cranberry Chia Crunch Granola Bars are chock full of good-for-you ingredients, including gluten-free oats, coconut nectar, sprouted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, millet, and hemp and chia seeds! They’re super easy to take on the go, so make sure to remember these next time you’re going out for a hike. Or if you’re enjoying them at home, you can easily crumble them up on top of coconut yogurt or an acai bowl.

7. Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze Beverage 

Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze

 Mamma Chia’s Chia Squeeze combines delicious fruits and veggies with nutrition-dense chia seeds, and purées it all together into a pouch of drinkable goodness! It’s gluten-free and has plenty of omega 3s, protein, and antioxidants, and since it’s made with fruits, there’s no need for added sugar. Choose from their six flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Mango Coconut, Green Magic, Strawberry Banana, Blackberry Bliss, and Wild Raspberry.

8. Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Chia and Hemp Crackers 

Mary's Gone Crackers Super Seed Crackers

Nowadays, companies are really stepping their cracker game up, and you can find products that are way more than just a way of getting healthy dips and spreads from plate to mouth. No, no, now crackers are nutritional wonders of their own. Take Mary’s Gone Crackers Chia and Hemp Seed Crackers, for instance. They’re gluten and wheat free and are packed with the power of chia and the fresh kick of hemp. Snack on these by themselves or pair them with hummus for a truly nourishing snack!

9. Seedsters Sprouted Seeds Snack


Seedsters Sprouted Seed Snacks are made from organic sprouted flax, chia, and sunflower seeds that are packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and a wide variety of rich vitamins and minerals.  Created by a doctor, we’d say you can rest pretty well assured that these snacks are a healthy snack for a balanced diet. Keep these on hand for when you want a treat that has a touch of sweetness but won’t derail your day of healthy eating.


10. Chia Crunch

Chia Crunch Chia Crunch brings the fruity sweetness of blueberries with the delightful crunchiness of crackers. This gluten-free superfood snack is made by freeze drying the fruit into bite-sized treats for easier snacking. Add the nutrition of chia seeds into the mix, and you have a tasty treat you can feel good about munching.

11. Good Habit Chocolate Berry Topper

Good Habit Super Toppers Good Habit Chocolate Berry Topper makes it easy to add tasty nutrition to your existing routine. Do you start your morning with yogurt? oatmeal? cereal? Simply add Chocolate Berry Topper, a mixture of walnuts, dark chocolate, coconut, blueberries, chia seeds and cacao nibs, and just like that your breakfast has gotten a lot more exciting! Plus, it’s gluten, grain, high fructose corn syrup, additive, and soy free, so it’s suitable for a wide variety of dietary preferences.


12. Chia and Quinoa Tortilla Chips 

Late July Chia and Quinoa Tortilla Chips Sometimes eating healthy is really about knowing how and when to swap certain items for others. Let’s say you need some serious snacking to happen to get work done. Understandable. How about instead of salty corn chips and a bowl of hot nacho cheese, however, you opted for Late July Chia and Quinoa Tortilla Chips and a bowl of guacamole, full of healthy fats? And just like that, you rethink snacking entirely.

13. Natierra Himalania Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds


We can all agree that adding chocolate to anything is always a good idea. Natierra Himalania Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds are proof of this theory. As if hemp seeds weren’t awesome enough on their own, Natierra made them even better by adding the healthy and delicious goodness of chocolate into the mix! Top some non-dairy ice cream with this, or simply snack on these right out of the bag. Good luck not eating the whole bag in one sitting!

14. Health Warrior Chia Bars

Health Warrior Chia Bars Packed with omega-3s, plant-based protein, fiber, and a fraction of the sugar of many bars, Health Warrior Chia Bars are one super snack! This variety pack has three tasty flavors: tangy Acai Berry, fruity Mango, and refreshing Coconut. Sweetened lightly with agave syrup, this bar is only 100 calories! Snack away!

15. Lesser Evil White Bean Quinoa Lentil and Chia Chips 

Lesser Evil Super 4 snacks

Lesser Evil White Bean Quinoa Lentil and Chia Chips are part of the company’s “Super 4 collection” which as you probably guessed brings together four super nutritious ingredients to create one seriously delicious snack. In this particular one, creamy white beans, super grain quinoa, lentils, and chia seeds make up the crispy puffs, and then they are seasoned with kale and roasted garlic. Yum!


Lead Image Source: Matcha Granola