There are so many amazing dishes that are made possible because of cheese. After all, what is a pizza without mozzarella, a grilled cheese without cheddar slices, or a bowl of spaghetti without a sprinkle of parmesan? At first, it may seem like following a eating dairy-free means that cheese is completely out of the picture, but with all of the cheesy products chefs and companies are concocting today, choosing to leave dairy off of your plate doesn’t mean you have to give up on cheesy goodness!

Nowadays, there are tons of cheese alternatives on the market, for every type of cheese and in every style. There are shreds, sauces, pastes, slices, and even big ol’ blocks of cheese. You’d be surprised at what can be transformed into cheese! Cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, soy protein, and tofu are some examples, and there seems to be new types of dairy-free cheese every month. Want to try some out for yourself? Here are 15 you can buy online right now!