Everyone’s life and lifestyle is unique, which includes their dietary needs. Maybe you’re faced with a food allergy that requires you to select foods without a specific ingredient, like soy or nuts. Maybe you have a hectic schedule and need an arsenal of meal ideas that you can whip up in a flash. Hey, we can completely relate to that! The good news is, it’s never been easy to find plant-based offerings that meet your individual needs. After all, you’re a pretty unique and fantastic individual, it makes sense that your meals should match!


  • Quick Meals

    Pressed for time? Preaching to the choir! Our days are jam packed from sun up to sun down, which makes trying to squeeze anything else into the agenda a daunting task at best. So often we cut back 0n the things that we shouldn’t, such as cooking, in order to free up time to do other things. Convenience foods and, gasp, fast foods start creeping into the mix and before we know it we’re knee-deep in ramen noodle packages and drive-thru bean burritos. Fortunately, eating a healthy, plant-based diet doesn’t have to be time consuming! There are plenty of meals that can be whipped up in 20 minutes or less, even prepped in bulk the night before so you have meals for a few days! Times a’wasting, let’s get cookin’! See our favorite Quick Meal Ideas!

  • On-The-Go Meals and Snacks

    On your way out the door? We understand. Sometimes, you don’t even have time to make a quick meal, much less eat it! For those times (which hopefully aren’t too often), we’d like to provide you with some options you can literally grab on-the-go and eat in a flash. Keep in mind, it’s helpful to have some of these made ahead in your fridge (and freezer). They’re true life savers that will keep you away from unhealthy fast food options or processed foods at the store. None of them take much time to prepare, and some even take less than 5 minutes. Spend an hour on the weekends and make some of our favorite on the go options so you’ll have easy on- the-go eats all week! See our On-the-Go Meals and Snacks.

  • Nutrient-Dense Meals

    This plan focuses on super nutritious foods such as the highest quality fresh produce, superfoods, and includes no processed foods whatsoever. Whole foods of healthy fats and protein rich in antioxidants like nuts, seeds, and whole grains are also included in this plan. If you’re looking to up your performance, take a plunge at higher health, and just improve your overall diet, this plan is the one for you! See our Nutrient-Dense Meal Plans.

  • Kid-Friendly Meals

    Tougher than the most seasoned food critic, when meal time comes, every parent is familiar with the thankless dance known as the “Feeding The Kids” tango. What should be a calm breakfast can instantly become a battle and school lunches get traded away in a battle over mealtime that probably goes back to the dawn of time. As parents and guardians, we only want the children in our lives to get proper nutrients so they can be healthy and happy. They want fun things that taste good.

    Fortunately, those two things are in no way mutually exclusive! It’s incredibly easy to keep everyone satisfied on a plant-based diet while still meeting the nutritional requirements for those growing bodies. Obviously, it’s important to check with your pediatrician when figuring out what your individual child needs. No two darlings are alike. Once that’s done, take a look at these great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will bring a smile to even the most discerning tot’s face.  See our Kid-Friendly Meal Plans. 

  • Budget-Friendly

    The idea of breaking the bank just to put dinner on the table probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to you, which is great because we’re not so into that either. There’s no reason you should have to take on a second job and cash in those war bonds just to stay fed on a plant-based diet! Nutritious, delicious, and inventive meal options abound that will be friendly to your health, the environment and your wallet. That’s a triple win! See our Budget-Friendly Meal Plans. 

  • Soy-Free Options

    Whether you’re allergic to soy or just afraid of it, we’ve got you covered! Non genetically modified soy actually may provide many health benefits, especially when eaten in a whole food manner, such as edamame (shelled soybeans) or fermented versions such as miso. However, if you’re still on the fence about soy or don’t tolerate it, rest assured you don’t need it to be a healthy plant-based eater!  A variety of greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and whole grains can all provide all the nutrition you need without soy. See our Soy-Free Meal Plans. 

  • Nut-Free Options

    For those that don’t digest nuts well or who are allergic, then this plan will help support your body and still get plenty of nutrition. Seeds, whole grains, and even many vegetables and fruits can provide some of the same nutrients that nuts can without the hard-to-digest side effects or possible allergenic reactions. See our Nut-Free Meal Plans.