This humble white, round veggie has literally taken the world by storm. Who knew it could do so much in the kitchen!? Yes, it’s the new kale, it’s a healthy veggie for you, and yes, it’s pretty sneaky with its many roles. However, we bet there are still a few ways to use cauliflower you haven’t tried yet? Check them out and get meal ideas in all these ideas below!


  • 5 Bad Ingredients You Can Replace With Cauliflower

    Yep, you got it! This veggie comes to the rescue in so many ways. It can help replace all sorts of unhealthy foods in your diet in ways you might not have thought of yet. See these 5 Bad Ingredients That Can be Replaced With Cauliflower for unique ways to try tonight!

  • Recipes That Prove Cauliflower is the New Kale

    You might have heard that cauliflower is “the new kale” because it’s so healthy. While we’re not hating on kale (a forever love), we gotta say, we’re showing the cauliflower a little more love. Here’s how to use it in some simple, timeless recipes. 

  • Learn to Cook With Cauliflower

    Most people don’t really know how to cook this veggie the right way (we’re guilty too!) and the important thing is not to make it mushy and soggy. See how to prevent that here. 

  • Cauliflower Recipes That Beat the Cravings

    Yep, you got it … this veggie can even be sneaky in its abilities to satisfy our cravings. From poppable snack bites and more, see how cauliflower can crash those junk food temptations and satisfy you with these Cauliflower Recipes to Keep on Hand or Every Type of Craving.

  • All of Our Cauliflower Recipes

    If you’re not tired of this veggie yet (hey, it is trendy, after all), see all our vegan cauliflower recipes that will cross every cultural, meal type, and flavor barrier out there!