Food delivery programs are all the rage right now, and if you’re lucky enough to have access to one, I’d suggest you get on board ASAP! I started subscribing to a food delivery program known as Mother Earth Produce in my area about two months ago. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have fresh organic produce delivered to my home that actually costs less than what I’d pay in the store. It’s also awesome that food delivery programs actually source their foods from local farmers, which supports agriculture wherever the delivery programs are located. You truly can’t get closer to sustainability than that!

While I’ve been enjoying my fresh apples, kale, squash, and pomegranates, I failed to notice one huge benefit occurring the entire time: my dwindling grocery bill, which was cut by almost half of what it was before I started using a food delivery program.


If you’ve ever considered using a food delivery program but were afraid it would be too costly, let me show you just how using a food delivery program will save you money in more ways than one!

1. It Teaches You To Buy Only What You Need

When I go online each week to order my produce, there’s no picking up excess items that I likely won’t use. If you’re like me and head into Whole Foods, the produce section alone totally wigs you out and you lose track of what a budget really is. All those glowing greens and fruits just do a number to a foodie on a budget, let me tell you! But with a food delivery program, you can easily see what items are available, depending on what’s in season, and buy however many you need to get you through the week. If you order too much during your first week, you can easily just cut back the next week.

1. No Impulse Buys

You’re also much less likely to cave in to all those specialty items at the store when you use a food delivery program. Though you may have to run to the store for things like non-dairy milk or fresh bananas once every few days, you won’t be spending near as much time lingering in the store on a regular basis. This can lead to less impulse buys and much less time spent dawdling around the store (which I admit, I love to do.)

3. Makes You More Appreciative

Probably the most surprising thing I’ve learned from using a food delivery program is how much more I appreciate where my food comes from. This has actually helped me consume less processed items (even healthy choices), helped me learn to listen to my body when I’m full much better, and even helped me prepare more fresh meals to use up what I have. Because you know you’re eating in a way that supports the earth and local agriculture, using a food delivery program might just make you more appreciative of those that grow the food too, leading you to waste less. Plus, there’s nothing like seeing a huge bushel of freshly picked apples come in each week to make you realize that sometimes the small things in life really are the best!


4. Less Processed Foods

Speaking of processed foods, you won’t be spending near as much money on them or be as tempted to eat them. You’ll learn to be completely satisfied with having some simple oats mixed with your fresh pears or berries, or perhaps just eating some quinoa, kale, avocado, and squash instead of a processed vegan pizza. Less processed foods means more money in your pocket and less impact on the earth – double win!

5. No Travel Costs

Last but not least, you’ll be occurring much less travel cost by not having to drive to the store each week to get your fresh produce every few days. It’s all delivered to you on a weekly basis, right to your doorstep to save you time, travel expenses, and hassle. Some delivery programs also waive the delivery fee since they’re dedicated to providing customers with sustainable, local produce above all else.


I urge anyone who can to take advantage of a food delivery program. I can promise you, it won’t just save you money, but will also change your approach to food and health.

Here’s an awesome list of 10 food delivery programs for vegans everywhere, or you can also check out Eat Local Grown and Local Harvest to find a food delivery program, CSA, or farmer’s market near you.


Do you eat local?

Image source: North Charleston/ Flikr