Crackers paired with hummus or nut-based cheese, or just eaten plain, make for a pretty wholesome snack. That is unless you don’t look very closely to the type of crackers you buy. Similarly to chips, many brands like to stuff their products with all sorts of unnecessary ingredients from sugar and salt to artificial flavors and preservatives. Sometimes even the main ingredients in crackers, like all-purpose flour, isn’t the best for your health, and can even cause some digestive discomfort to those with sensitive stomachs.

A good way to avoid any of these less-than-ideal ingredients is to choose a grain-free, vegan cracker! While “grain-free” and “vegan” may sometimes sound like “boring and restrictive,” with a little digging, you can find some really delicious grain-free crackers out there. To clarify, a grain-free diet excludes wheat, barley, rice, spelt, and corn as well as ancient grains like millet, quinoa, and more. Instead, grain-free crackers are made with ingredients like nuts, seeds, and grain-free flours, and of course, are still seasoned. Here are 10 grain-free crackers we think are worth checking out!