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Baking is a science of sorts. There’s a certain order you have to perform the steps in, the measurements have to be pretty exact (if not perfectly), and you have to pay close attention to the procedure, or recipe. Add a dietary preference or restriction, like gluten-free, into the mix, and things only get more specific. While it is certainly possible to bake gluten-free goods successfully from scratch, sometimes it can be nice to have a pre-made mix to speed things up a bit.

There are tons of gluten-free baking mixes on the market today for pretty much every confection you can think of. Whether it’s chocolate cake, sugar cookies, or pumpkin bread, there’s likely a company out there cooking up the gluten-free version. In fact, these products have become so popular, that you’ll not only find them on grocery shelves but on the Internet as well! Check out these 15 gluten-free baking mixes currently available online!

  1. Pamela's Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

    Who doesn’t love a nice and chewy chocolate chip cookie? According to reviews, Pamela’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix is delicious, easy to use, and makes cookies that taste just like traditional ones! This mix is made primarily with organic chocolate chunks, evaporated cane sugar, brown rice flour, and white rice flour. In addition to being gluten free, it is wheat free and kosher. Reviewers have had success replacing butter with coconut oil in this mix, some have even added their own touches like nuts. You can get a 13.6 bag for a little over $4.

  2. XO Baking Company Banana Bread Mix

    XO Baking Company Banana Bread is one of the many gluten-free baking mixes in the XO line. Made primarily from cassava flour, brown sugar, potato starch, and coconut flour, this mix is wheat-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and kosher. In addition to making a loaf of banana bread, the company also shares that you can use this mix to make banana muffins. Reviewers rave about this banana bread commenting that it is “amazing,” “crazy delicious,” and even go so far as to compare the product to homemade versions. Pretty passionate! Reviewers have also reported that you can seamlessly add ingredients to this mix, such as chocolate, cranberries, and walnuts. This box is on the expensive side at $17 for one 10.3-ounce box, however, if you have both a gluten and soy allergy, it might be worth checking out.

  3. Bob's Red Mill Biscuit and Baking Mix

    Make Sunday morning breakfast (or dinner) that much better with some biscuits! Bob’s Red Mill Biscuit and Baking Mix has been described by reviewers as “fabulous,” “versatile,” and even a “life-changer.” The mix, made from white rice and chickpea flour, is produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility so allergen-prone consumers can rest easy. In addition to biscuits, reviewers have also been using this mix as a coating of sorts, for pie crusts, and even dumplings. You can get a pack of four 24-ounce bags for a little over $15.50.



  4. Namaste Foods Spice Cake Mix

    Have more than one allergy? There’s a good chance that you can still enjoy Namaste Foods Spice Cake Mix. Free from wheat, dairy, corn, potato, casein, gluten, and nuts, this mix can accommodate even the most diverse dietary group. It’s made primarily with evaporated cane juice, sweet brown rice flour, brown sugar, tapioca flour, arrowroot flour, and rice milk powder. Reviewers report that the cake from this mix is moist, versatile, and delicious. One reviewer also confirms that egg replacer can be used with this cake. You can get a pack of six 26-ounce bags for $38.

  5. Glutino Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix

    Chocolate cake is one of the simplest and greatest pleasures in life. If you feel the same and are looking for a gluten-free option, consider giving Glutino Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix a try. Made from white rice flour and cocoa powder, this mix creates a delicious, moist cake that no one would even guess was gluten-free! At least that’s what Amazon reviewers are saying. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can get a pack of six 15-ounce boxes for about $24.

  6. Kerbey Lane Cafe Gingerbread Pancake Mix

    Thought gingerbread flavor was only for cookies? Kerbey Lane Cafe Gingerbread Pancake Mix proves otherwise. It’s made primarily from rice flour, tapioca starch, brown and powdered sugar, and navy bean flour, and reviewers are reporting that this mix, unlike many other gluten-free mixes, does not taste gritty when made. Reviewers also report that you can freeze the pancakes if you don’t finish them all at once, and they reheat just fine. This mix is a bit expensive with one 13-ounce box setting you back $11.50.

  7. Stonewall Kitchen Vanilla Cupcake Mix

    Vanilla cupcakes are a classic in the baking world, and steering away from gluten doesn’t mean you have to give up on this tried and true favorite! Stonewall Kitchen Vanilla Cupcake Mix, for example, is wheat-free and made primarily from sugar, rice flour, potato starch, cornstarch, corn flour, and baking powder. Reviewers report that these cupcakes have a nice flavor, and one reviewer even shared that this was the “best gluten-free baking mix they’ve ever tried.” It is worth noting, however, that while some said these cupcakes were perfectly moist, one felt they were too crumbly. If you’d like to try them out for yourself, you can get one 21.5-ounce box for about $13.


  8. Bona Dea Marvelous Muffins Mix

    Bona Dea Marvelous Muffins

    In addition to being dairy and gluten free, Bona Dea Marvelous Muffins Mix is also safe for those avoiding soy, nuts, and eggs. This mix is made primarily from millet and teff flour, and Bona Dea specifically mentions that this mix can be used with non-dairy milk and egg replacers and that you can add nuts, fruits, and spices to the muffins. Reviewers have reported success using non-dairy milks and egg replacers with this product and describe it as “delicious” and “convenient.” You can get two 14-ounce bags for about $14.

  9. Kinnikinnick Angel Food Cake Mix

    Kinnikinnick Angel Food Mix is a nut-free, dairy-free, and kosher baking mix that is recommended for a nine-inch cake by the company. This mix is made from five simple ingredients: sugar, potato starch, white rice flour, cream of tartar, and salt. While it’s good that all of the ingredients in this product are simple and recognizable, as one reviewer points out, you could potentially buy all of these ingredients yourself and make the cake from scratch, especially since you still have to accompany the mix with 12 eggs (or egg replacers). Still, if you only see yourself making one cake, it might be worth the buy considering a number of people have described this mix as one of the “best gluten-free mixes.” To try it out, you can get a pack of three 15.9-ounce boxes will cost you a little more than $18.50.

  10. Nicole’s Naturals Homestyle Pancake and Waffle Mix

    Nicole’s Naturals Homestyle Pancake and Waffle Mix is a gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free baking mix that also contains no artificial colors or preservatives. It is made primarily from brown rice flour, corn meal, turbinado sugar, gluten-free oatmeal, potato starch, tapioca flour and is sweetened with a bit of cinnamon and gluten-free vanilla. Almost all of the reviews on Amazon were five-stars and many raved about the “soulful” homestyle taste of this product. One reviewer did point out, however, that this mix has a very “whole grain taste,” so if you’re not a fan of that particular flavor, you may want to try out a different brand. You can get one 22-ounce bag for $10.

  11. Chebe Bread Focaccia Mix

    For some easy-to-make, gluten-free bread, check out Chebe Bread Focaccia Mix. It’s lactose, casein, and yeast free. It also does not contain any soy, potato, corn, rice, tree nuts, or peanuts. As reviewers report, this mix is very versatile. Reviewers have used this mix not only for focaccia bread, but for pizza crusts, bread sticks, and savory turnovers. One reviewer used coconut milk and rice milk for the liquid and confirms that non-dairy milk can be used for this mix. You can get eight 7.5-ounce bags for about $27.

  12. Moon Rabbit Foods Oatmeal Cookie Mix

    According to Amazon reviewers, Moon Rabbit Foods Oatmeal Cookie Mix is one of the best ones on the market. The mix, made primarily from gluten-free oats, brown sugar, rice flour, and potato starch is reported as easy-to-make, tasty, and very versatile. Reviewers comment having success incorporating all sorts of yummy add-ons such as dried fruit, seeds, chocolate chips, and even instant coffee powder. To try some out yourself, this bulk order gets you one 19-ounce bag for a little more than $8.50.

  13. Ardenne Farm Sugar Cookie Mix

    If you’re the type of baker who likes a plain sugar cookie that you can dress up any way you’d like, check out Ardenne Farm Sugar Cookie Mix. This product is made from a blend of gluten free flours – rice, potato, and tapioca – as well as powdered sugar, cane sugar, and baking powder. The mix also contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and is produced in a nut and tree nut free facility. This pack is a great deal with one 15-ounce bag costing just a little under $4.

  14. Namaste Foods Brownie Mix

    Need to bring a batch of brownies to a gathering, but want to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy them? Consider buying Namaste Foods Brownie Mix. This baking mix is free from dairy, casein, nuts, soy, potato, and corn. Namaste Foods also points out that you can use this product with an egg replacer, if you’re looking to avoid eggs, as well. This mix is made primarily from evaporated cane juice, sweet brown rice flour, Dutch cocoa, tapioca flour, and arrowroot flour. Reviewers describe it as delicious, moist, and healthier than most other brownie mixes on the market. Some reviewers have also added ingredients to the mix such as berries and chia seeds. Some have also added extra chocolate chips since this brownie mix has more of a “dark chocolate taste.” You can get a pack of six 30-ounce bags for about $35.

  15. Breads from Anna Pumpkin Bread Mix

    Want to enjoy the flavor of pumpkin beyond the Fall season? Check out Breads from Anna Pumpkin Bread Mix. This non-GMO mix is free from gluten, yeast, corn, dairy, soy, and nuts, and is reported as yielding a “delicious, light, and fluffy” bread. As one Amazon reviewer points out, this mix is definitely on the sweet side with the first ingredient listed as evaporated cane juice, but many seem to enjoy the flavor. You can get one 16-ounce box for about $12.

    Excited to start baking? Let us know which mix you buy first in the comments!

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